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Needing some advice/empathy/tough love/cute pictures

The short version is that, AGAIN, I am on our sofa, with no energy to do anything, feeling stomach cramps, sore neck/head, anxiety, and guilty about the stack of things to do.

The longer version is that I am:
A high school #Teacher
In her 50s
With #Asthma , #Anxiety , #BilateralHearingLoss , probable #IBS ,oh, and very likely #UndiagnosedADHD as well.
Mother to a young autistic daughter.

Not looking for sympathy,just saying that this is what is going on with me.
I have also come through lockdown teaching, major house renovations and a bout of Covid 6 weeks ago.
ALL of which,yes,could have had a lasting or chronic effect.

But, what the actual hell do I do? I have obligations as a teacher, colleague, mother, wife, bill-payer that cannot be ignored: but I am rarely able to get near the bottom of them (or scrape much off the top, frankly.)

I am also crap at self-care routines, but I appreciate any kind of advice on how to get back to the strong, able person I USED to be.