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Academic Research of Phycology

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So physically speaking and phycology speaking Matter is Matter and if you change Matter you Change the subject.

Philosophy and theory through the expansion of science dictates a change in matter is a change in person.

So this this is our challenge to the idea that not only can we change our minds’ we can change our perception’ and thus change our very existence’ !

Can someone please confirm or scientifically explain the process of a blank slate that reconstitutes and develops into a healthy subject.

We have a theory that while a person may actually have suffered traumatic experiences and diagnosed with everything under the sun can actually exceed expectations and thrive!

When are we supposed to recover?

When we choose to or when enough matter has regrown into new matter that allows for regeneration and recovery ❤️‍🩹!

Any chance there is a scientific body or panel that can confirm clarity and substantiate this?


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I don’t know if anyone is still active on this page? Perhaps that’s the reason I chose this page to reach out for the first time? #struggling

My name is Liz, I am a multiple traumatic brain injury survivor. I struggle with pretty much all of the side effects that go with a brain injury. However, right now the tough days spent on the couch seem to be more often than the good days. The fatigue is isolating, I feel useless and that I’m just taking up space. I’ve followed all of my doctors instructions, I take more prescriptions than my grandma and I don’t feel like I can truly relate to anyone. The most frustrating part about this entire thing is that it’s polar opposite to the person I was before and the person I want to be again. My last major TBI was six years ago, although I can recognize that I’ve come so far, I feel like I’ve hit a wall. Please hear me when I say that I am not suicidal. I am however at my breaking point. I don’t know how to get past this point and keep going anymore. It has taken a toll on everything. Friendships, my relationship with my significant other my overall outlook and my joy. Really feeling stuck, if that makes any sense. Would love some input or advice from others who have been there or perhaps are dealing with the same. I am determined not to give up, so instead I’m reaching out.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, Liz



Renaissance #MightyPoets #BipolarMama13 #braintrauma


I woke up in December,

the month that had heartbreaking memories

from years past,  now, was the herald of a miracle, my family had been praying for, for

33 days.

So, now, do I forgive December for its’ past offenses?  Or do I still hate it as a rembrance for all things lost those 33 days, lying in a come?

I have yet to cry enough tears to mourn the loss of those 33 days, they say “be joyful”, “forgive December, it has brought life back to you”.

Brought me back to my family, back though,

as what…

Where is my smile and confidence?

Perhaps left on the table where my heart stopped?

Where is my familiar voice?

Maybe in the tubes used to keep my lungs breathing?

Where is my compassion and warmth?

Perchance wrung out of me, like the fever that took days to break?

December, now, what have you done?

Woke me up with hopes of a new year,

Only, to dash them with the hostile unyielding winter’s frost.


#Hypoglycemia #pancreatitis #braintrauma #BrainTumor #Seizures #Anxiety #Depression #helpless

I've been diagnosed with many problems & had my disability hearing August 9, '18. The diagnoses above are only the tip of the iceberg of my issues. I should be hearing the definitive approval of denial by November.
In the meanwhile I'm a mess. Since becoming disabled (I worked for years at a high stress job for years while disabled), technically November of 2015-I've lost my mind & found it a hundred times. I wanted to go back to work so badly (didn't get my masters degree for nothing), I did not file disability until 10/16. I just need help, someone in my same boat. Thank you in advance. Suz

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