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    I feel like dy1nG again. #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breakup #Loneliness #fedup

    Yeah, the guy I was talking about from America in my last post broke up with me the next day, I’m still in love with him and we talk and flirt and stuff yet he says he can’t do love right now, whatever that means. He broke up with me knowing I was in love with him and a week later he FaceTimes me saying he’s going to ask his girl best friend out and it killed me, my whole world broke, I really didn’t think I had gotten this attached to him but I did. I still am. I want him back so badly and it gets worse, I’m back with the ex that cheated on me with my step brother and I was in love with him and now I only love him, I want to so badly be in love with him again and trust him but he’s come back and left so many times I don’t know if I can ever love him again like I used to and I’d kill to be able to be in love with him. With the American guy my heart stops when he texts and his smile makes me smile and I love when he FaceTimes me but with the guy I’m with now (my ex of multiple times) I don’t feel that anymore, I don’t feel happy when he’s happy, I don’t look at him and the world around me stops, I do love him and I want to so badly be IN love with him but it’s so hard. Therapy isn’t working and they took me off antidepressants, my life is crumbling again when I thought just for a second I was gonna get to be happy, but I’m not happy, ever. There used to be at least 1 thing I enjoyed doing now there’s nothing, everything makes me tired and sad and unmotivated and the urge to kill myself or hurt myself is so overwhelming. I don’t wanna be alive anymore and it sucks. I wanna be happy. There’s a lot more but I can’t be bothered to type it all. If anyone actually read this far thank you.


    How do you break up with someone you love?

    I have been with the same girl for the past year and she is incredibly sweet and I do have fun with her but I’m having a hard time seeing a future.

    She is 26 and I am 35. She has a 2 year old and only works about 10 hours a week. I went through a divorce and I am living with my parents until I am back on my feet and during this time she has just slowly moved her and her child in. She says she wants to work more but always has an excuse. She has no car either so it’s up to me to make sure she gets to and from. On top of all of this she gets high 6-7 times a day, especially when she has her kid.

    I love her immensely but I am a driven person and my set backs or temporary. Her set backs sound like they have been around for years and her parents live the same way she does. I love her but I just feel like I am not respecting myself if I stay.

    Can anyone offer insight on both sides of this? #breakup #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression


    Going through a breakup for the first time in a long time. #Depression #breakup #Anxiety

    I’ve been with this person for a very long time and decided it was time to initiate a break. I just feel really off and I don’t know if I have the strength to see it through even though I’m pretty sure I made the right decision. It’s really tough though and it’s going to get worse before it gets better and it’s kind of my first real breakup. So I’m just lost.


    Another break up

    #Depression #breakup #CheckInWithMe #relationship

    I lost my cat Leo this year. He was everything to me. I was with my partner when I found out and he quickly became my world which I know is wrong and I shouldn’t depend on another person but I did.

    I’ve now found out my partner has been going behind my back and using dating apps. I’ve ended it with him but he’s on holiday and I have his car and his keys which I have to give back to him.

    How do I do this? Do I face him? I can’t bear the thought of seeing him and realising I’m losing another important thing in my life. I feel so stupid. I miss Leo so much and wish I could bury my face into his little ginger fur coat 😣

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    Stonewalling Breakup

    I recently broke up with a man I was seeing for 7 months. Things were going very well. We had great times together. We made plans for the future. We are both divorced and want to settle down and have a blended family. He was/is going through money problems and I helped him a lot with the agreement that he will give back once things get settled. I got overwhelmed with his financial problems and it started to stress me out. On another note, whenever we have difficult conversations I notices he freezes up and pulls away. Whenever we have disagreements, he does the same. The time, he ignored talking to me about the problem for 5 days and was cold and distant and I felt so overwhelmed I could not take it anymore. I felt desperate to talk to make things right that I went to his home and he refused to talk and said he was busy. When I asked him if we were ok, he said let’s not talk now. But it has been 5 days already. I have a nervous break down. It reminded me of past feeling with my ex husband. I ended it with him there and then. He asked if I was sure, I said yes, and he said ok. I told him to settle what he owes me and other issues we that is left between us. He said for sure. I feel like an idiot for choosing the wrong person. I feel heartbroken because I really liked him dispite his flaws. I can stop thinking about him. I am so disappointed and feel disrespected the way he accepted the break up . I wish he was a man and did it himself. #breakup #Heartbroken


    Simply painful

    I know this sounds stupid but only two days after the breakup he stopped using our Netflix account. And it made me more sad…how pathetic is that :(
    #breakup #saddness #Anxiety #Broken


    Getting over someone

    So I have a stupid question, and no one else to ask.. How do I get over someone I HAVE to stay inn contact with and be on good terms with? I realised about two years ago that I still have feelings for my daughters dad.. He doesn't have feelings for meg, which is okay. It just sucks that I still can't get over him.. It's been 9 years since we were a couple, and I still love him.. How the f**k do I get over him? We're good friends, who sometimes have sex (I know that needs to stop), and our kid loves that we get along so well and can do stygg together like having movienights, going out to dinner together etc.. I'm stuck.. I wanna move on, but I don't want to stop hanging out together because our kid enjoys ut som much.. so.. What do I do? #breakup #Coparenting #Parent #Parenting #singleparent #heartbreak


    Really struggling with the fact it's truly over with my ex

    I've come back to this site from a very long hiatus because the people around me in real life don't really care about mental health and know her well, I can't talk to my online friends about it because I'll be ridiculed and told to go to someplace like this instead.

    I was really happy and content with my life until about an hour ago now. My ex of sorts broke everything off for good. A good few years relationship and a couple months of leading me on, me thinking she wanted to get back together but was just a little scared, and it's finally over. She told me she led me on like that because she's a people pleaser and "saw how in love I still was with her". I just wanna know, why would she do this? I asked and she won't tell me. I could have moved on completely by now if she just didn't do that. She wasted hours of my time doing this. I'm just so angry and disappointed I hardly know the words to say. I don't think she knows just how negatively she's affected me with all of this. To think you're loved but in reality it's all a sham. I just wanna block her. I wanna tell her I never wanna see her again but I don't have the guts and I promised her I wouldn't. Just why me man? I've already gone through enough breakups. I really thought she loved me and cared for me. I feel a bit used. I feel like I can't be loved and all of this happening is my fault, and all of this happened because of the incident that broke us up. #breakup #FourthOfJuly #Depression


    Got dumped

    I got blocked by my ex yesterday on all platforms... M really having a low self-esteem right now... M thrown out like an piece pf shit from his life ... I really loved him ... N i think its impossible for me to get over him ... This heaviness and excruciating pain in my chest is making me cripple...cant even get out of bed ... Medications are also not helping me as much #someonehelpme #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #lowselfesteem #breakup



    Since my ex and I have been broken up, we still speak each other through facetime. We are friendly and dont want a relationship. We chose to give eachother the space we need. I am not attracted to him nor is he attracted to me. At least thats what I thought.
    I always tell him about my day and the things I have done that day. I told him I had a date and that I had a great time. He got visibly upset and just got angry with me. He told me that what I was doing isnt good and that I should stop seeing people. He thinks he still has power over me, which he hasnt. He doesnt answer my calls anymore and he just doesnt talk to me at all. Usually he sends me memes or snaps but I havent received those for the past two days.
    Does he still have feelings for me?
    #Relationships #breakup