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My burdens

How do you reach out and talk about something when what you are talking about sounds like you're judging the person(s) you are being affected by? Sometimes I think I'm doing too much and searching for disappointments. I just hurt myself with my expectations of others. That thought of I'm not like that with you so why are you like that with me. I would never cause you this hurt like you continue to do me. And when you question it or address it, somehow you've done wrong to them. I can't talk to whom I need to fix the problems with because it creates a different problem. I can't lean on others that are of the opposite sex because I am married and it could pose a problem. I can't lean on women because instead of being a supportive person they judge or say things about that person or make it seem like you're bashing the other person. How do you talk to anyone? #burdens #myburdens #overthinker