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Read a post here(my tears!!!)

Wether you are or have been suffering from a certain kind of past/current issue with ((abuse)), or ((traumas)), of any kind or what ever the struggle may be- my heart and best of wishes goes out to you. 💜

A thing that helps me is knowing that
Safe Places Exist,. To remain strong as one of those people/places and trying my best to be supportive.

Without getting right into my past experiences with things or history on the spot here, I have gone through enough of that other stuff- found myself in some of what I would call some pretty hopeless places in my life - not to sound cliche or anything but there is HOPE. Actually there’s more than that but first off, please don’t give up! I tell myself this a lot too. Why I’m here still writing this when I should probably be studying more or getting some rest. BUT I had to do this since two of my posts of me pouring my heart out had been erased- but it was good to get it out! I used to write in journals or talk to my friends over the phone before ‘adulting’ kind of got in the way, I’m actually getting back to that since the pandemic-

Playing my favourite/expressive songs or read, draw, watch my favourite things to boost my mood or to defuse when it’s just me or even with others. We seem to get busy in our lives and sometimes forget to give ourselves the time for care and nurturing. Well I sure do /; this is something I want to always work on no matter where I go or what I do in life.

When the time is right or best to get done what needs to be done and get out what we need to.
I just wanted to spark suggestions/ideas or reminders of what can be of help in the meantime’s [never really knew what hobbies were until I realized I’ve actually had them] Reading/writing/sports/exercise/art/creativity/music..ect; <3 i="" support="" the="" causes="" of:="" keeping="" us="" and="" our="" safe="" places="" standing="" strong!="" (let’s="" maybe="" try="" to="" make="" this="" new="" kind="" of="" domino="" effect="" if="" we="" can!😊)="" being="" how="" much="" some="" other="" things="" can="" tryyy="" get="" in="" way="" or="" hold="" back="" like="" what="" has="" tried="" cause="" damage="" on="" progress.="" how’s="" about:="" a="" break="" through.="" for="" ourselves="" those="" care="" about.="" subjects="" are="" very="" touchy="" even="" listener(but="" don’t="" be="" discouraged),.="" it="" truly="" broken="" my="" heart="" just="" as="" others="" go="" through="" have="" gone="" too.="" seeing="" loved="" ones="" struggle="" because="" vicious="" cycle="" haven’t="" met="" personally.="" feel="" you="" &="" i’m="" sending="" love="" your="" too="">> This is all part of my own practice it’s not to try to start anything(unless it’s good;p)but I could really use some help myself. So many of us sharing the planet it’s not always easy to keep track on who needs help back or what they need as well as how or who to ask. To be all that you can or would like to be! I will want to look back at this and have achieved and reached a little further, with a dream to not have those behind,.💜 #Cares #goals #Support #supportive #understandings #worldly #Love <3


Who cares?

I feel like no one #Cares about me. Everybody is so #Busy and I rarely #Hear from anyone. You would think that the people who know I’m battling #Depression would be more proactive in reaching out to me. I feel like I’m not #special to anyone. I feel like no one wants to spend time with me. I’m not a #Priority in anyone’s life. I feel SO #lonely

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