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Snowy days. #TreatmentresistantDepression #TRD #Selfcare #Busy

We got some snow. Not as much as I’m used to up North, but enough to bug the South. Did you get snowed in? How do you keep yourself occupied? #snow #snowdays

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Progress - Done two already #Motivation #Autism Did not fall asleep! #Busy

I did some English and maths round up to a hour with both. Had a break
FaceTime boyfriend like three times today! Giggled and had a shower xx Thank you list xx #Motivation #Autism

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Busy. Busy. Busy.

The world is always so busy. I’m busy with my studies, I’m obligated to spend time with my boyfriend, I have a job, and I have obligations to myself too.

My therapist at the counseling center at my college is so busy! I have to wait a total of 5 weeks to see him because it’s “that time of the year.”

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Why must the world around us be a competition do who is doing the most? It’s not healthy.

It’s seems like the world is going round and round and no one takes a second to slow down. They’re all going through the motion—emotionless.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Where are the people who commit themselves to things solely because they enjoy it, not because they think it will improve their resume?

Busy. Busy. Busy.

It is the end of us.

#Busy #Therapist


Stressing and focusing

This has been such a challenging time for me.... I usually do well in school and with summer quickly coming, means exam season must come first. It’s the first time I can truly say I recognize my bipolar taking control. I’m unable to spend my time focusing on studying when I am stressing because my brain doesn’t work like that. It has been quite a challenge but 12 days and my exams will be over whether I’m ready or not. On a good note today I was able to be productive and get stuff done instead of just breaking down!!! #Bipolar #stressed #exams #Busy


Who cares?

I feel like no one #Cares about me. Everybody is so #Busy and I rarely #Hear from anyone. You would think that the people who know I’m battling #Depression would be more proactive in reaching out to me. I feel like I’m not #special to anyone. I feel like no one wants to spend time with me. I’m not a #Priority in anyone’s life. I feel SO #lonely

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High-functioning Anxiety

#Busy -minded really helps me through the day ... I find when I am inactive that I breakdown, so I try to write or walk.
#52SmallThings #


Should I feel guilty if I THINK I'm manic #Mania Guilt

In the past not understanding what it meant to be manic and realizing the destructive things I was doing during the manic cycle, I now get a lot of positive energy during my cycles like cleaning and "catching up" on the things neglected during depression cycles. I also make plans with people that I can't always follow through with because they might end up being cancelled due to my unpredictable depression cycle.#Busy when