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Have you ever just woken up and known your routine is get up to use the bathroom, grab a bite to eat, take your meds. Like, that is it. Other than your night time routine of grabbing a bite, taking your meds, and using the bathroom, those are so important. You know this. You need your meds. You have #Depression , #Anxiety , #Epilepsy , #Pain . You need your routine to function better. Never 100%, but better as you figure out what works for you.

...and yet...

Even having my bag of meds next to me, sometimes i have to push myself just to open the bottles.

....and sometimes still?

Even if i manage to get the bottles open and lay out my pills neatly beside of me, it feels like it takes so much strebgth to just pick them up.

Today was obe of those days where i had to tell myself that #CarrieFisher would have wanted me to take my meds...

...and thats okay.

I took them. Thats what matters most.