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Wet and Windy It Is… Sleep We Must!

Quoth the Yoda Puppy, “The day is dark and cold and dreary; it rains, and the wind is never weary. Strong the force was with that poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.”

Happy Monday all—Yoda Puppy and I wish you a good week with more light than dark 🤍🖤

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Mindfulness and Jedi wisdom

Is mindfulness the ultimate secret to mastering the Force? While exploring this week's theme, I found a story from 2016 that makes a convincing case:

While much has been said about Star Wars being more "space western" than "true" sci-fi, most of us carry a few of the movies' best lines around in our heads.

What's something from the galaxy far, far away that's stayed with you and still resonates, inspires or encourages you? #DistractMe #Mindfulness #StarWars

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For the autistic nerds out there, what’s your nerdy jam? #Autism #AutisticAdults #Autistic #NerdCulture #Nerd

Face it, there are more of us autistic nerds than people want to admit. From comic books to computers to science fiction, what is it that revs up your autistic nerd engine? Share your answers with us! #StarWars #Computers #Hobby #Superheroes #obsess #Obsession #Obsessions


When you have been obsessed with Star wars and living in a fantasy world for a couple weeks. Then you go to theraphy and talk about how you have been disassociative. She asked how this negatively affects me in the real world. I said it makes me want to join the dark side. 🙃#StarWars


Happy New Year! #NewYears #IdiopathicHypersomnia #Narcolepsy

Happy New Year, sleepy warriors!

I took a really long nap today, much longer than I planned for my afternoon nap. I pretty much slept the day away, but managed to have a nice date with my husband at the end of the night. We went and got Japanese food at our favorite Japanese restaurant, then came home and had hot chocolate (for him) and sipping chocolate (for me), then we watched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in bed, with a bowl of popcorn to snack on. I was 100% certain I would fall asleep, but somehow, I miraculously stayed awake for the WHOLE MOVIE!!! It helped that we could take breaks and left the light on.

It was so good to share that movie with him, since he'd never seen it before, and I'm introducing him to all the Star Wars movies. We're going to watch Episodes II & III tomorrow in preparation for Episode IX on Monday. Then he'll be all caught up! It's an honor to be a huge Star Wars fan getting to introduce the love of my life to my favorite movie franchise. #StarWars #JediForLife #TheForce