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#BipolarStrong #EndTheStigma

Help End the Stigma. We are Worth it and we are Bipolar Strong

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#BipolarDay #BipolarAwareness #BipolarStrong

I just wanted to share this with everyone on all my social media platforms to create awareness & take the negative stigma off all mental health disorders, but today it's about Bipolar Disorder! I just want ppl to know that we're no different than them! We just have a disorder of our brains & we're not crazy! And that just bcuz someone is mentally ill doesn't mean we're going to shoot up a store or movie theater! I'm so tired of everything that happens it's always bcuz they say "the person has mental health issues"! That's such bs & it makes us all look like we're just a bunch of unstable ppl that are going to freak out 1 day & hurt ppl! When it's really the total opposite! Thanks everyone ✌️💖☯️💪🙋🤞🙏


Im#BipolarStrong because I'm still here after 45 yrs

It's been a series of exhausting roller coaster mood swings. I can literally go from the height of mania to depts of despair all in 24 hrs. Its more under control since w008 when a terrific doctor put me on anti epeleptic meds which do stabilise me to a degree. Any upset or extra stress sets me off again and I'm just out the other side of a relapse which started at Christmas. The thing is We Do Get through if we take one step at a time. Accepting our illness is better than denying. It brings a certain kind of peace in a weird way. It allows me to forgive myself for the times I screw up, for the days I can't even get washed or dressed. For the crazy things I sometimes do because I lose the ability to be rational.
It's a daily challenge for all of us so the least we can do is be kind to ourselves. We are warriors against a bewildering illness, Acept you will lose the battle some of the time but remember we can win the war. One step at a time!
Love, Light and Blessings to you all. 🙏🏼❤️


Having a hard time sleeping extremely painful time of month cause didn’t have it in 4 months perio menopause and pcos not fun plus having a hard time

Sleeping bc of nightmares from movie and no power in house plus flu shot 2 days ago thrown me off woke up at 915 am usually up at 730 so yeah it’s a rough day
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What do your issues with trust feel like? #CheckInWithMe

I told my boyfriend I have a hard time trusting people even my therapist. And he said why would someone who is seeking help and answers not take that help. He didn’t get it that I was hurting from that statement. It made me feel like I wasn’t trying hard enough. That’s one of the things I feel so bad about: not being able to trust others because it makes me feel like I fail at recovery. In the moment I feel like I don’t trust that I’ll get better so why should I trust anyone who hasn’t been in my position. I just want to have friends or get to know people like me so I don’t feel so alone. #BipolarStrong #LossOfAParent #MyStoryMatters #JustKeepSwimming