Today I sit here trying to write, looking out my windows. I see the fresh snow that fell over night. I’m struggling with a bit of writers block today.

While doing this I realize something. If this is my biggest problem, writers block today then I’m having a great day!

We ( and I say we loosely) as people think our mental and physical problems are horrible. That why oh why did I have to have these issues? Why is this my life? Why am I taking care of everyone? I want to be “normal “.

I have recently learned that every piece of my story, whether it includes my family or just myself is complex, unique and long. Is this the end of our story? No of course not! Really it’s just beginning.

#Breathe , step back and look within and you will find the positive. Your journey, wherever it may take you is just starting. Only you control which path and turns you take. Balance the scales ⚖️ in your life, and always make time for yourself.

YOU can rewrite your narrative. If a part of your past is holding you back from moving forward, than change how you see it. Change the narrative.

I’m still on my journey.... I’ll share pieces of my past, though they may not always be pleasant they have tought me strength and faith. I’ll share my present, which sometimes feels like it’s romp a room in my home. I wouldn’t change anything about my family. Lastly I’ll share my hopes and dreams for my future, the journey I’m still on.

#changetheNarrative #MyJourney #strength #Faith