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Life is supposed to be messy #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #Survivor #journey #EDS #GravesDisease #NoJudgment

Today I sit here trying to write, looking out my windows. I see the fresh snow that fell over night. I’m struggling with a bit of writers block today.

While doing this I realize something. If this is my biggest problem, writers block today then I’m having a great day!

We ( and I say we loosely) as people think our mental and physical problems are horrible. That why oh why did I have to have these issues? Why is this my life? Why am I taking care of everyone? I want to be “normal “.

I have recently learned that every piece of my story, whether it includes my family or just myself is complex, unique and long. Is this the end of our story? No of course not! Really it’s just beginning.

#Breathe , step back and look within and you will find the positive. Your journey, wherever it may take you is just starting. Only you control which path and turns you take. Balance the scales ⚖️ in your life, and always make time for yourself.

YOU can rewrite your narrative. If a part of your past is holding you back from moving forward, than change how you see it. Change the narrative.

I’m still on my journey.... I’ll share pieces of my past, though they may not always be pleasant they have tought me strength and faith. I’ll share my present, which sometimes feels like it’s romp a room in my home. I wouldn’t change anything about my family. Lastly I’ll share my hopes and dreams for my future, the journey I’m still on.

#changetheNarrative #MyJourney #strength #Faith

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Not everyone’s depression is the same #No2AreTheSame #Depression #OpentheNarrative #Emptiness #WhereAreMyFeeling #nojudgement

Just like snowflakes ❄️ no two people are the same. Depression affects everyone differently and for a variety of reasons.

Covid has profoundly affected everyone in someway. #Depression #Anxiety #Loss #hopelessness .

Whether you are on medication or not, depression can strike no matter what. Everyone’s form of depression looks different, one person’s depression will enable them to cope with their every day life, while another person’s depression will put that person in the hospital or unable to do everyday tasks.

I myself have experienced a rainbow 🌈 variety of depression experiences. From being hospitalized when I was young due to suicidal thoughts and attempts. Then had a complete breakdown in college, and ran away to another state due to the pressure being to much. I did come back, once I started my meds again.

Then I got married, however quickly found out he was abusive. I craved worked to just get away. I put a smile on everyday even though my insides felt like they were crumbling. Finally I left my husband. However the damage was done I was left with no self worth or confidence.

I met my current husband next and we got engaged right way for my fear of being alone. Three babies later, I’m home all day alone with me struggling. Exhausted, no friends, no time without the babies, running 24/7. My husband only home for dinner,sleep and return to work. This was life.... I ate to feel comfort, I cleaned to have order, I organized everything so I had some control and yet my smile was fake. Day in and day out, on repeat.

There were major events that happened in between that affected my life and my families. I did the depression Merry go round, lay in bed for days with no shower. Not wanting to eat or see daylight. Then eat to much and sit in front of the television. Finally I would shower and leave home for weeks. I did this for two years

I finally came home and decided I needed more help then the meds I occasionally took. I got a counselor, a psychiatrist, case manager and support person along with all new meds. I was determined to get myself back. When I was back, there was never a “normal” . I did however need some sort of semblance of balance in my life, a routine of sorts.

Do I have bad days? Yes of course, I’m human. I also have mental health issues and will not let them define me! I have #Bipolar1Disorder , #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder as well as #Anxiety and #CPTSD . I’ve come to accept that I will have good days, bad days and some days where I hide under my covers. I’m just grateful I’m not running away anymore.

Nothing I ever did made me feel better and made the #empty go away... running away, food, sleeping, avoiding people, fake smiles, hospitalization, working my self to exhaustion and having companionship just because I was afraid to be alone.

This is my depression #No2AreTheSame

#NoJudgment #youarenotalone


Honesty hour

I’m having one of those nights where everything is on my mind and it’s getting in the way of me going to sleep-no matter how tired I am. No matter how much I know I’m going to regret it and want to avoid the dreadful under eye bags. Anywho- tonight’s thoughts are that I have truly not been completely honest with anyone in my life. I’ve been full of shame and have elaborated myself, or kept the whole truth from people not to be malicious but because I was afraid. Because I didn’t feel good enough. Because I didn’t want to explain myself. Because I didn’t want them mad at me. Because I wanted them to like me. Whatever the reason was- i withheld information or stretched the truth because it sounded better than the actual truth. Friends, family, even my therapist at times (I withhold out of fear of making her feel bad). I have trouble connecting with people because I don’t fully show up. I resent others because I blame them for not making me feel comfortable enough to be open. I get angry with myself for sabotaging potential relationships. It’s a constant cycle. And I just want someone to be able to fully be vulnerable with. I want to be honest. With no shame. No fear of judgement. No second thoughts. Just freely expressing whatever whenever wherever. #honest #LateNightThoughts #Vulnerable #Shame #NoJudgment


How are you today? #Vent #getitoffyourchest

Hi guys
I've found that with #counselling it's just been really nice to offload all teh stuff in my brain that I might not want to share with my friends and family for fear of judgement and rejection.

Comment below some of the things you want to say, good or bad without #fearofrejection and #NoJudgment

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Good Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Good Afternoon

or Good Evening

Wherever You Are Make It A

Great Day.


Hi everyone I am pretty sure today is Saturday. I was woken up by my pup Pepper jumping on me at 7 this morning. For no other reason than he wanted a snuggle. 🤗 Bless him. 🐶🐾🐕💖
So it's a good day 😊 I was woken with a smile and a hug.

I don't know about the rest of the weekend.
How about you?
What are you up to ! How are you feeling,

You know ChatSpace is for you to share what is going on in your lives. Good or bad.

We are all here to support you.
It's a safe place, full of like minded non judgemental Mighty people, full of love and compassion.
Offer your support and cheer people on .

Love n hugs Tj 🐾🐕💖😊🤗😁😎💪💋😘💮💛🐱💐🌸🧡

#talkingtherapy #Chatspace #Bekind #Selfcare #Vent #rant #compassion #NoJudgment #Kindness #Love #Hugs #Anxiety #Depression #Family #Friends #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #CheerMeOn #Support

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Good Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Hello Mighty Family and Friends 👋

Just a little pic of random Funnys hope they make you smile.

Check in with me today tell me how you are doing, what you've been up to.
Good things . Bad things. Positive, negative, blessings, what's going well , not so well.

Anything you want to talk about.

Help each other out in the comments too. Be kind and compassionate , offer up your words support.

ChatSpace is for everyone

Much love Tj 🐤🦓🐶🦄🌸🌾🍌💮💜🧡💛💗😇🙃💞💓💫

#NoJudgment #Kindness #Talking #checkonyourneighbours #compassion #Bekind #Family #Friends #Selfcare #rant #Vent #CAREBox #Bekindtoyourself #Selflove

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Good Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Hello 🖐and Good Morning Mighty Family and Friends

How are you today

Life is a lesson
The trick is to
Find out what's it's
Trying to teach you!!

Now that is a good one.
Monday I'd made Muffins. So yesterday I had 20 muffins lol. Far too many. So my task for the day was to give them away. Whilst staying at home.
Mmm 🤔
First neighbour popped round to help cut my grass. She is so lovely. In fact my new neighbour the other side helps me too.
So they both got muffins yesterday, and then the Handy man too who lives at the bottom. I'm trying to get him to fix my blinds. Was doing a new fence.
That left 8.
Not bad
Then I'd set a reminder to get my prescription collected. So phoned up it was in stock. Great. Then I texted the lovely Motorcycle Training School who during lockdown have been volunteering and running around the county on the Bikes delivering meds to us extremely vulnerable. The owner saw it was me and after doing a 15 hour work day popped on her bike and brought my meds. She left after a few puppy kisses in my garden 🐶🐾😘With the last 7 muffins. (5 kids )
I cried that they will keep helping people like me. They don't want me picking up my meds.
I had the last one with my dinner. Job done. I'd only made them to keep myself busy during a bad episode on Monday. It's a distraction I use if I can.
I wish I could hand out my cakes cupcakes muffins etc out on the Mighty. 🧁🧁💚💛🧡💗💓❣💜💙🤗🐶🐾😘
But keeps me busy all day
Have a good day trying to work out what you are being taught today !!!

Tj 🤗😘 #Chatting
#Love #Hugs #talkingtherapy #Vent #rant #Bekind #Bekindtoyourself #checkonyourneighbours #Puppys #NoJudgment #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #Family #Friends #Bekind
#CAREBox #Anxiety

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All the Best People Are #CheckInWithMe #bonkers

Hello Mightys
Good Day to you all.

Sorry my daily post is a bit late today my delightful neighbour made me help her by sitting on my porch today and watch her cut my grass 👩‍🌾She is a tyrant.

Actually I did help a little bit
I raked up the cut grass, no bending needed for that bit and not much moving involved either, as my little plot of grass quite small. 😅
So my grass is no longer 2 ft tall.
My pups are no longer getting their tummy wet on the grass.
Cool beans 😁

I am so not allowed to help . Ha ha. But I had made some chocolate muffins yesterday to distract myself from my mental and physical pain. It helps me.
24 were made. Far too many for just me to eat. They are super moist and very yummy.🧁
So as I stuffed some into boxes and then into both my neighbour doors lol then another into a bag for the handy man who lives here. Now only 10 left. Much better.
I also made seeded bread yesterday too. I just had to keep distracting myself waiting for my doctors call.
I've had to go back onto my meds that I was withdrawing from. Far too many bad side effects . Physical n mental.

So now I have nothing to help with the cluster headaches 🤯😞 again.
My doctor is great . He is phoning again on Thursday. I have a very complicated medical history. Awkward I say. Dam awkward. Too many things wrong. Covid19 so can't see the consultants yet. It's all by letter or video.


But my grass is cut, I do feel a bit better today, even though I didn't want to start taking the dam med again. Seems wrong somehow. Like I got defeated by a tablet. I know I know.
But that's me. Just talking out loud on the Mighty. To my family and friends.

Let's see what the hospital say to my doctor what they recommend to him. As I said he is great. The best there is. ⭐🌟

Love hugs n kisses Tj

#ClusterHeadaches #TrigeminalNeuralgia #PsoriaticArthritis #RacingThoughts #Bekindtoyourself #InflammatoryArthritis #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #SuicidalThoughts #Depression #MentalHealth #RareDisease #Love #Family #Friends #NoJudgment #Kindness #Selfcare #checkonyourneighbours #Chatspace #neighbours #Doctors