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Selflove all over again!

I was so happy when I saw your positive reactions to my selflove post yesterday. Thank you guys 🙏💕 So I thought it would be nice to focus on that a little more and try to bring in some more selflove and positive vibes here. ☀️

We chronically ill people forget ourselves quite often. We all are protecting people around us because we do not want them to suffer or to worry. But who protects us and helps us to get through each day of suffering? We are, every day again!Therefore, it is even more important for us to take good care of ourselves. We deserve to be loved and we deserve to love ourselves! So let's choose ourselves every day again! ❤️

Illustration from @illujodes 🙏✨️

#Selflove #worthit #chooseyourself #ChronicIllness #HEDS #Fibromyalgia #Depression #MentalHealth

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There is always hope #Hope #MentalHealth #Depression #Bipolar

I hope you always have the courage to choose yourself and the strength to carry on and live another day and one day it WILL get better and Joy will find you again and you will be happy you survived and you made it to appreciate the good times after the bad...#mental health #Depression #Bipolar #Hope #Joy #chooseyourself #youcandohardthinga