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Told I have endometriosis again

Hey friends in need of desperate advice as doctors are being confusing and I am at a loss with my health.

I am in big pain that has just been getting worse for the past 3 months. Endo has been thrown around in the past but not much came of it, now after having my first baby everything changed. I have been having constant cramps, and mix of constipation and liquid stool and like running to the washroom in pain. Now I moved to the okanagan and got a new DR but don't know what to do to get the help I need. They are nor taking me seriously.

In September I went to the ER my stomach looked like I was in my 4th trimester and I said I presumed endo belly, nobody had no idea what that was and said that endo pain only happens when you mensrate.

I have been in extream pain since. Now I have lost weight, and like seriously need help but all I get is Tylnol.

Oh I did a bunch of lab work done, and my iron count is 7..... along with low hemoglobin.

I guess this is more of a vent I am tired, loosing weight being told to go on all kinds of diets... I just need help like really bad. I can barley sleep anymore. #Cronic #Pain #Endometriosis #chrohns


How do you deal with doubts?

My doctors have dealt with my symptoms so awful in the last few months that I've started to question if I'm just making up these symptoms in my head. like maybe they're not actually as bad as I think they are. Now I cant get the thoughts of this out of my head and I have no idea how to handle it.

Looking for support or advice.

Edit: Also know that no one has actually diagnosed me yet. everyone has looked at my tests and said "This looks like Chrohs" but no one wants to make the official diagnosis and start treatment.

#IBD #Doctors #treatment #Doubt #chrohns #Support #Advice