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Why am I'm a magnet for men who want to debase or scam me financially.

I'm on my 3rd divorce we've been apart for 13+ yrs. married 24. He purchased this foreclosure home said I could fix it up and live in it. Use his benefits when he passed, he lives with his gf for 13 yrs. This past Nov. I was blindsided by divorce pprs claiming I owe him all this money, he claims he's in debt he's taken out multiple loans & credit cards he took out most of the equity in the house I'm fixing up. In our state I'm responsible for half his debts. I'm on a low fixed income .
Also I have been following the Ukraine war. Sending messages of hope praying for them. Then I get these guys pretending they are soldiers sending pics trying to romance me then asking for money. I know about scamming I don't fall for it. I feel like I have this big bulls eye target on my back. Why does me caring cause all the nasty people to show up?
#ADHD #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #Cronic Fatigue# #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia #Raynard syndrome #Peripheral neuropathy #Gout #Shingles

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Told I have endometriosis again

Hey friends in need of desperate advice as doctors are being confusing and I am at a loss with my health.

I am in big pain that has just been getting worse for the past 3 months. Endo has been thrown around in the past but not much came of it, now after having my first baby everything changed. I have been having constant cramps, and mix of constipation and liquid stool and like running to the washroom in pain. Now I moved to the okanagan and got a new DR but don't know what to do to get the help I need. They are nor taking me seriously.

In September I went to the ER my stomach looked like I was in my 4th trimester and I said I presumed endo belly, nobody had no idea what that was and said that endo pain only happens when you mensrate.

I have been in extream pain since. Now I have lost weight, and like seriously need help but all I get is Tylnol.

Oh I did a bunch of lab work done, and my iron count is 7..... along with low hemoglobin.

I guess this is more of a vent I am tired, loosing weight being told to go on all kinds of diets... I just need help like really bad. I can barley sleep anymore. #Cronic #Pain #Endometriosis #chrohns

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#Cronic pain

#ChronicPain . It’s really bad today! However, my sweet pup, Chewy, snuggles with me while I read.

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#Cronic pain

#ChronicPain . It’s really bad today...however, my sweet pup, Chewy, is great company and snuggles with me while I read.

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#Cronic sinuses #fibromayalgia What helps with chronic sinusitis, normal anti allergic tablets, sprays doesn’t help me at all.

My nose seems to running all the time! I’m always standing with a tissue in my hand. Any of you warriors out there got any advice?

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Even though my day so far has been really stressful I still managed to take a breather and draw this #primary pain disorder #Cronic pain #Fatigue

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I feel I just want to sleep till spring #Cronic pain #Fibro #pancreatitis #GI #and the list goes on

I hurt everyday all day, I feel such shame and guilt 🌸 Spring just feels like a fresh start a new begining and the fall🍂and the rain are just like the tears that quietly fall down my cheeks #its hard to be stong all the time