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Hi ! I'm Aurelie, asperger, and aspiring artist, I'm writing my own web comic and I have a question; how do you face uncertainty?

I've felt uncertain about things in my life; I live in a rural place and I wish I could share my love for storytelling with lots of people.

What do you do when life feels uncertain like, you focus on the fact that there are things that are out of our control?

Thanks for your answers !

#Uncertainty #Doubt #Asperger #Autism

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#Doubt #Selfworth #Christian #christiansonthemighty #ChristianChat

Don’t be tricked by the Devil you are worth so much. God wanted you(fill in the blank with your name) to be with him; He valued you so much that he sent his Son Jesus the Christ to die for your sins! And hallelujah he is risen! God Loves for who you are unconditionally! His love is not based on how well you perform; his love is not based on your good works. This is no works trip. God is merciful and abundant in grace! God bless you all!



I have friends but i aren’t they aren’t all a friend to me. I’ve had too many relationships where I felt lonely in that includes friendships. it’s either bc I say the wrong things and at the wrong times, judgment, or talks behind my back. I honestly think it’s karma but idk rn. I’m spiraling standing still. #Doubt.

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How do you deal with doubts?

My doctors have dealt with my symptoms so awful in the last few months that I've started to question if I'm just making up these symptoms in my head. like maybe they're not actually as bad as I think they are. Now I cant get the thoughts of this out of my head and I have no idea how to handle it.

Looking for support or advice.

Edit: Also know that no one has actually diagnosed me yet. everyone has looked at my tests and said "This looks like Chrohs" but no one wants to make the official diagnosis and start treatment.

#IBD #Doctors #treatment #Doubt #chrohns #Support #Advice

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Pain Guilt?

Does anyone experience doubt or guilt about their own symptoms when they have a day that isnt as bad?

I know it kind of sounds crazy but so many people disbelieve or discredit my pain on a regular basis because they cant see it and I spend so much time trying to justify or validate my own pain in others eyes. But then when I have a pain day thats average or not as bad (especially after having a lot of bad days) I start to wonder if my pain was really that bad or if I was just overreacting and just in general doubting myself.

Its like I dont believe myself or my own pain and am afraid that when I have an okay day it makes me a liar because maybe my pain isnt as bad as I thought. It goes away the next day or so when the pain gets worse again but the guilt and doubt drive me crazy.

#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Guilt #Doubt #Lupus #Fibro #Migraine #confused


How to be happy? You KNOW .unhappiness is fast on it's heels

2020 has begun ...The last few days of 2019 . I was dreading the NEW YEAR(Decade ??? WHAT???) Just sad...The reality of time passing.

FASTER And FASTER it's like you're lost in the rush...Trying to recall memories. Examine them...But I never manage to catch them. I can't hold them in my mind's eye. Then you wonder, with memories so hard to see... Is anything you remember true or real? Distorted. mirage.

LIFE: It's like I lived it....But I didn't? Where did I disappear to? "BE" IN THE PRESENT MOMENT? We say.   But how can you be? If you don't recall the past, how do you discern whether you are present or not?

Thinking in the last few days of 2019...A new yr My Cat passed in June...Now We start A yr ...A DECADE with out him in it...Why does time go by? Trying to love my new kitten...But I WANT Time to rewind...OVER & OVER back to when Woo was here...2020 just means he's farther away from me in my memory bank....and it'll just keep going that way! NO! I think of his death 7 months ago today--Wishing I could have been more present . I wonder If I caused him more pain...being in non acceptance of letting go. I'll never know.

Now the new kitten I love...but she hears me crying for Woo. Fear she'll think she's unwanted...WHY?

Fear,taking her to get Spayed...What if she doesn't survive the procedure??
What am I doing with a cat anyway Not emotionally or physically capable of providing the best care #Doubt #Disability #fearofloss #turnbacktime

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New here, hello.

For the past what seems like ever I have struggled with many different mental illnesses. I have really became some form of a monster, that is eaten up with and #Doubt, I feel as if I have lost who I used to be. I used to feel so full of life, but a few years ago something in my brain just flipped and I feel like its just been an internal war against myself to try to win myself back. Between my panic attacks that always leave me feeling stuck in the , my #Generalanxiety with everything in my life, my racing thoughts, and my depression, I feel like I would be better off under a pile of leaves in the woods somewhere. I can't believe there was once a me that could just so effortlessly do things. There was once a me who despite the anxiety, still believed in herself enough to be worth something. I feel as if there is a blockage in my aura, in my life, and it's causing me to wake up every day just overwhelmed and ate alive with anxiety from having to go work with the public, come home, lay in bed, sleep all day, go work with the public, and repeat. Its quite a and I know I need to do more and spend my freetime being productive but where is that drive I used to have? where did that energy I used to have run off too? I used to just walk miles and miles to my friends house for the hell of it, now I feel like it's too much work to even put my dishes in the sink. I feel like a toxic person to be around, I just feel like I need to be smacked and reset. But it's not gonna be that easy. #Reality

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#believeinyourself #StayStrong #Stronger #ItsOKMan #Hope #Love

I find that I personally, doubt myself entirely to much. As it seems as everyone does as well. Working hand in hand with multiple professionals to realize self love is what matters most when it comes to life. Love yourself, trust yourself, and believe in yourself. That will be your ultimate protector. #Takecharge #Believe #Depression #AnxietyAttacks #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #MentalHealthAwareness #physicalhealth #Fear #DoubtingMyself #Doubt