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Coronavirus and ADHD medication

Since I cannot find a doctor in the area I live in, I drive 80 miles to another state. My doctor can’t write classII prescriptions to be filled in my home state so I drive 40 miles to fill them. A state of emergency has been called and they are filling extra months prescriptions except classII. I’m not allowed to be safe during this pandemic. I must go out, drive to another state, and wait in line at the pharmacy with perhaps infectious people instead of home quarantine.
Why do they treat us differently? I can’t help that I have ADHD. I’m a low life that can’t be trusted according to the DEA. I’m just trying to be safe during this pandemic since my mom is 95. I always feel like I’m looked at as scum just because of the medicine I take. #quarantine #class II drugs #ADHD discrimination


#Seeing friends from high school

So a friend from high school recently friended me on Facebook. I haven't seen her since graduation #class of '81'. I had moved to the next county over. Grades were easy for me, I was a bit socially awkward. I made it through and glad when it was over. I very rarely ran into anyone from school.
Tomorrow I'm going to my classmates house for coffee. Ironically, she only lives about 7 miles from me. I'm kind of excited but also very nervous. I used to tease her(she was heavy). Now, I'm heavy, lol. She says she was a jerk to me and feels bad. I told her I was the jerk. But anyway, wish me luck. She's also friends with other people I was friends with. So if all goes well....
I have let alot of friends go because they were users and people who don't fit in my lifestyle anymore. I could use new friends! New old friends! #nervous
new friends
#class of'81'


feeling like I can’t do anything right today

I missed my first class because I was so tired and decided to sleep instead (stupid stupid stupid)
I missed my bus to get keys from my friend to watch her cat and was 30 minutes later as a result
as a result of being 30 minutes late to my friends place, I missed chemistry class
my car is currently in the shop and I feel trapped and down.
doesn’t help that it’s valinetines day and I’m an #asexual who is super super single and has been lonely and down for years.

I’m just about to cry because of this. my mind feels like a jumbled mess of thoughts and worries and things I have to do. they are unorganized and all over the place and make me feel like I can’t do anything right.

I haven’t felt this down in years.

#Anxiety #Depression #School #class #CheckInWithMe