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Dear Society, queerplatonic relationships are not “just friends” | TW some all cap text, misconception

Firstly, what is a queerplatonic relationship, you may ask?

It is defined as a relationship that bends the norms of what is considered romantic and platonic in today’s society. They can look different depending on the individuals partaking in them, but they often (though not always) involve some sort of high level of commitment. They are often partaken by individuals who identify as aromantic (having a lack of romantic attraction) and those on that spectrum, but they are not exclusive towards them.

I’m in 7 queerplatonic relationships (with everyone’s consent). I am polyamorous. We are NOT friends, but we are NOT romantic, either. We are MORE than friends, but still not romantic. Call us queerplatonic (QP) partners, or just partners, NOT friends or romantic partners.

It always freaking sucks whenever someone calls us “friends” even though we are much more than that… /neg

#queerplatonic #Relationships #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #Polyamory #sad #Misconception #Partners #multiplepartners #notromantic #notfriends #QueerplatonicRelationships #asexual #Society #aromantic #aroace #polyamorous

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A vent on why saying s3x (e) is natural excludes others | TW/CW mentions of s3x, exclusionism, aphobia #venting

It’s already frustrating how this society expects everyone to be s3x-hungry when it’s not even the reality. Way to make me feel at home (/sarc). I’m sex-positive, but I’m also realistic, and to be honest, I shouldn’t have to say it.

Not everyone wants to have s3x. Not everyone wants to have it as frequently as it is portrayed in the media. Or at all.

Saying that s3x is natural or is a natural feeling excludes asexuals and those on the ace-spectrum because of not feeling “standard” attraction (I’m ace-spec). It also invalidates those who are repulsed/aversed and those who are traumatized by sex (assault/molestation) and/or its media (not to be confused with sex-negative, a political counterpart to sex-positive). Not to mention, it feeds on the idea of alienating these individuals as “broken”, “unnatural”, and “disordered” (which the US literally labels it as a disorder 😡).

It may be natural to others, but not to everyone, and that is okay and 1000% valid!

Make it a place where those who are into s3x, those who aren’t into it, and those who are traumatized by it coexist with each other. Please! We need to be heard, too!! /srs

#Sex #LGBTQIA #asexual #Ace #Aphobia #SexualTrauma #Trauma #NotEveryoneWantsSex

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Anyone else here asexual? #asexual

I've faced confusion over my sexuality most my life. First I thought I was straight, then when I couldn't form relationships I presumed I was gay, as there was some sexual attraction there, but that didn't work out. I then identified as bisexual, but none of this was really me.

More recently I realised part of the problem is that I don't enjoy or desire sex. When I was growing up asexuality was not discussed, but as it became more openly discussed I feel this is me.

What I'm not sure about is whether autism is the reason I'm Asexual, as I'm not comfortable being close to people and am very awkward when trying to form relationships. Or whether my autism is irrelevant and not linked to my lack of sexual desire.

Do any of you feel conflicted and unsure about their sexuality? #AutismSpectrumDisorder


Hormones, Acceptance, Romance, And Priorities

🗣 - "#trans erasure, especially being platformed as loudly as it is in the US in recent history, is a real and serious thing."

📺 - Hormones, Acceptance, Romance, And Priorities - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 52 -

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Have hormones made you cry about anything that you were surprised you cried about?

What are your top priorities?

I'm still closeted and don't know if I could ever come out because I'll get seen like I'm different. Did or do you still feel the same way, and how do you cope with that?

Has romance changed for you since you transitioned? Are you willing to share a fantasy?

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What part of advocacy is your favourite? What is the most time-consuming? What is the most exhausting? -

What encouraged you to come out? Were there other times you felt you should have but didn't? -

Has your social life changed since you transitioned? -

What do you think about transphobia in the #LGBTQ #Community ? -

What does someone who wants to #Love you need to know? Is there anything that someone you love needs to know? -

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* Text: Dwhell on it with Taylor Lakhryst - Hormones, Romance, Acceptance & Priorities - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 52 - HIREWHELLER

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#asexual #Lesbian #LGBT #demisexual #Pride #equality

Your Q's, my A's! Let's #DwhellOnIt!

❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt? 👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived #experience as a #trans woman! 📺 - A new episode gets uploa...

Understanding my sexuality

I’ve discovered last week that I’m Asexual. Doing research about it, I find the terms panromantic, aromantic, etc. I’m struggling to figure out where I fall in the romantic part, because as silly as it sounds, as a 42 yr old woman, I don’t know how to define romantic. The dictionary wasn’t helpful. What does romantic mean with respect to this?
#confused #asexual

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Doing something for me. So, I drew my #LGBTQIA flags on my arm. #Depression #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #loveyourselves #panromantic #nonbinary #Ace #asexual #lgbtqally

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Struggling immensely with latest UK Lockdown #SuicidalThoughts #selfharmurges #asexual #lonely

Where to start?! I started with a new care coordinator just before Christmas, as my previous CPN had been promoted. (This will have made it 3 CCO’s in less than a YEAR.....) I have, however, physically, only seen her* meaning new CPN three times. The first time was at handover between CPN’s and myself and the second was just before Christmas and the last time was New Year’s Eve. I had a remote Care Plan Review with her and my psychiatrist on 4th Jan (the same day our Prime Minister put us on a national lockdown.)

I live on my own but do have my brother, sister-in-law and 3 nieces as my “support bubble” but currently seeing nobody face to face....

I’m unsure if it’s the fact my support has changed or been withdrawn *AGAIN*? I attend a recovery group twice weekly but they’ve stopped at present and am awaiting for the Therapeutic Community to restart which has been put on hold since March 2020 because of the obvious social distancing issues.

This lockdown seems so much more harder to cope with and I feel lonelier than ever.
Everything seems to be going round my head in a big messy fast paced bleurgh and just struggling to reach out I guess as “everyone’s in the same boat”

Sorry 😞


feeling like I can’t do anything right today

I missed my first class because I was so tired and decided to sleep instead (stupid stupid stupid)
I missed my bus to get keys from my friend to watch her cat and was 30 minutes later as a result
as a result of being 30 minutes late to my friends place, I missed chemistry class
my car is currently in the shop and I feel trapped and down.
doesn’t help that it’s valinetines day and I’m an #asexual who is super super single and has been lonely and down for years.

I’m just about to cry because of this. my mind feels like a jumbled mess of thoughts and worries and things I have to do. they are unorganized and all over the place and make me feel like I can’t do anything right.

I haven’t felt this down in years.

#Anxiety #Depression #School #class #CheckInWithMe