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Just had a really bad break up could you distract me or cheer me up with pet pictures or quotes?

Sorry I just had a complete blindsided break up of someone I really loved and thought was going to end up with. Could anyone comment anything that may distract me from this. I can’t stop crying, but they don’t care for me anymore so I don’t want to cry when they have turned cold, just want to forget and focus on something else and remember it’s their loss too, if it’s not mean to be it’s not meant to be and I’ll be strong and just as great with or without them even when it doesn’t feel like it. Thanks for the distraction #breakup #help #sad #devasted #Trying #Comment #cheerup #MentalHealth #sad #cold #theychanged #360 #ThankYou #petpictures #Memes #ThankYou

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Well, it appears that my divorce is inevitable. We have been separated for 18 months now. I thought we might have a chance of starting over. He has a lady friend now and doesn’t want to try again. I started divorce proceedings and he is thrilled. I can’t stop crying. It feels as though my world has come to an end. I am so lonely and no one understands.
#CheckInWithMe #devasted