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Hi! My name is mal. I’ve been having these symptoms and honestly I don’t know what they are I’ve had lots of these for years and I recently went to the doctor about this and he told me that I was dehydrated which i was but my symptoms didn’t get better with drinking more water. For context I have been diagnosed with anxiety, adhd and an eating disorder anyway to the symptoms.
.cold and hot flashes
.constant purple/mottled hands and legs
. Numb hands
.often dizzy
.when I stand up I often sit back down because of feeling lightheaded
. Nausea before eating
.often sweaty
.often tired after simple tasks (dishes, making bed)
If anyone knows anything related to these symptoms I would appreciate so much if you could reach out. Thank you!!! #help #nausea #Dizziness #dizzy #cold flashes #Hot flashes #numbness #purplehands #Fainting #lightheaded #Sweaty #chronic fatigue

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Starting to get sick :( what helps you with an itchy throat?

Feeling like I’m getting a cold :c it sucks but hate that itchy throat symptom any home remedies or tips? Etc #sick #cold #Health #Tips #Remedies #Feelingsick #physicalhealth

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Chronic illness plus a cold or flu? Insult to injury

Am I just a cry baby or does anyone else go a little crazy when dealing with a bad cold or the flu on top of the normal symptoms of your chronic illness or condition?

Part of the problem is that for, me and I’m guessing many, many others who find themselves here, my immune system is compromised, so what would normally be a ten day virus turns into months of suffering.

It just breaks me every time. It’s a cold! Yes it’s a cold, but usually it’s a cold that turns into bronchitis or a sinus infection or god forbid pneumonia. And it feels like it lasts FOREVER!

That inner store of strength that you rely on to get through hard days is depleted and for me that leads to a spike in depression, emotional upset, and frankly anger. I can only binge watch “Outlander” so many times as a form of distraction! My relationship with our living room sofa is already borderline inappropriate. During a siege of “normal person” illness the love/hate bond between myself, my blanket, and my favorite pillow is unbreakable.

Like so many of you, I’ve been struggling with my health demons for quite a while. Adding a common cold should be an easy assignment, but it always proves to be the straw that broke the camels back for me. Insult to injury. Salt in the wound or any other platitude you can muster. I wish you all luck during cold and flu season and I truly hope you come through it all safely. #Cancer #autoimmune #cold #Flu #Depression

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° " I Feel Very Drained... I Don't Like Being Sick. " ° #cold /Covid19

° " So On Sunday And Monday... I Was Feeling Great Tuesday And Today. I'm Feeling Super Defeated... I Had To Call Into Work. I Hate Loosing Time. Because I Really Can't Afford That Luxaury. I Have To Go Into Work Tomorrow. Ugh! I Feel Like A Lazy Failure When I'm Sick. It Really Annoy's Me So Much. Idk Why My Co-worker's Come Into Work. I'm High Risk For Covid. I Have Like 3 Co-worker's Who Come In All The Time Coughing And Sneezing. And I Can't Really Get Away From Them. Or The Customer's. So I Got Strucked Down. Sigh! I Don't Wish To Sleep All Day. But My Body Is In Massive Pain. Something Is Going Around At Work. Like Covid Or The Flu. Because Nobody Care's They Need Sale's. ° Sincerely, Your Sick Poet ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #sick #Feelingdown

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Just had a really bad break up could you distract me or cheer me up with pet pictures or quotes?

Sorry I just had a complete blindsided break up of someone I really loved and thought was going to end up with. Could anyone comment anything that may distract me from this. I can’t stop crying, but they don’t care for me anymore so I don’t want to cry when they have turned cold, just want to forget and focus on something else and remember it’s their loss too, if it’s not mean to be it’s not meant to be and I’ll be strong and just as great with or without them even when it doesn’t feel like it. Thanks for the distraction #breakup #help #sad #devasted #Trying #Comment #cheerup #MentalHealth #sad #cold #theychanged #360 #ThankYou #petpictures #Memes #ThankYou

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Today was a good day.

So yeah today was a fun day. I'M feeling tired now. The weather is starting to go #cold . Oh the joy of #Winter It's strange how #sad doesn't hot till night time.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

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Does anyone else get really emotional when they're unwell?

I know that a lot of us feel unwell most of the time. That probably wasn't a very well phrased title. But what I mean is... Do you get easily upset when you have a cold/flu/infection?

As an example, back in May I picked up a very nasty stomach bug (that my baby nephew ever-so-lovingly decided to share)... And for the entire day, I just kept breaking down into tears. For pretty much no reason. I don't know if it was frustration or if I'd just had enough... But I've noticed it happens every time I'm unwell.

I've had a cold for about a week now (several COVID tests have come back negative, despite me being certain this isn't an ordinary cold), and I just keep breaking down at the drop of a hat. My sister brought me a slice of my favourite cake from my favourite bakery and I burst into tears. The level of emotion is crazy. I don't like crying even when I'm feeling okay, so when I suddenly start sobbing, I get angry at myself and then usually end up crying more... I keep wondering if it's simply exhaustion? I'm immuno-compromised, so what other people would call a mild illness, is usually something that knocks me off my feet.

I'd just like to know if there's anyone else out there that's like this? And if you know of a way I could maybe minimise the tears? I feel so silly.

#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #LiverDisease #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis #cold #Flu #BPD #Migraines #IBS #exhaustion #tired #emotional #unwell #immunosuppressed


#Hot or #cold drinks?

# Which do you like #Hot drinks, like tea/coffee or #cold drinks like ice tea,ect.

Please comment below.

Would love to here your thoughts.


#cold Weather #Fibromyalgia Flare up

Had some trigger point injections done yesterday for my Fibromyalgia & this morning I’m having a flare up due to the cold weather..