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My explanation why some criminals are part of the ASD community.

Most studies say that people with ASD are more likely to be victims than being perpetrators. While that is true, that statement is too broad, people with co-morbid diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and Autism are actually 20 times more likely to be victims than being perpetrators, compared to people who are on the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum. Another problem why that statement from most studies is too broad, it is because the diagnostic criteria for Pervasive Developmental Disorders became more broad for the last decade and it was lumped as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it's broad to the point where even some people with Antisocial Personality Disorder can be considered to have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

A lot of you guys wonder why more criminals happen to have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder than a decade earlier, it is because the diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lot more broad than it was a decade ago. It was thought that only people with Intellectual Disabilities have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, but after few years, they made the diagnostic criteria for ASD more broad to include people who have symptoms of PDD but without Intellectual Disability, and after few more years, the diagnostic criteria became more broad to include Asperger Syndrome. And In 2013, it was lumped as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and recently it was lumped as Autism Spectrum Disorder in ICD-11.

It's true that most people with ASD are more likely to be victims than perpetrators, but if we get more technical, people who have ASD without Intellectual Disability are more likely to commit crimes than people who are Intellectually Disabled. There are some people with Intellectual Disability that commit crimes, but it's so rare, because the diagnostic criteria for Intellectual Disability includes problems with Intellectual and adaptive functioning. People with ASD without Intellectual Disability are able to do neurotypical tasks and some people with ASD without Intellectual Disability are able to defend themselves than people with Intellectual Disability.

Since the diagnostic criteria for Autism became more broad in the last decade, I wonder if I am correct that there are some crimes that with ASD without Intellectual Disabilities are more likely to commit, but due to lack of social skills and repetitive behaviors.

You guys are wondering why more criminals happened to have ASD than a decade ago, it's because the diagnostic criteria for Pervasive Developmental Disorders became more broad in the last decade and lumped it as Autism Spectrum Disorder in recent years.

There are a lot of people that say it's impossible to have Antisocial Personality Disorder and ASD, but the problem is that the diagnostic criteria for ASD is much more broad than a decade ago, that it's is considered possible to have comorbid diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder and ASD.

Now, you know why more criminals happened to have ASD than a decade ago.

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Repetitive HUMMING while watching movies and TV?

Whenever I am watching TV or movies, anything except comedy, I continually hum, and have done so all my life. Sometimes I hum an actual tune, but in the vast majority of the time, I hum  just 2 or 3 random notes, which I will repeat for really long periods of time. Sometimes it is in unison with a main note in the background music, or a harmony,  but most times the notes have nothing to do with the music soundtrack. As you can imagine, it distracts and irritates other people to varying degrees. My solution, since I haven't been able to stop it, is just to watch alone. If you still don't understand what I am talking about, imagine sitting next to someone humming the cello notes to the theme from JAWS while you are trying to concentrate on an episode of The Gilmore Girls, or Dateline, or Law & Order.  I've done this my whole life, and it soothes me while at the same time it embarrasses me because I can't stop without starting up again a couple of minutes later, usually unbeknownst to me. I'm not actually looking for a cure for this. I just want to know if I am the only one, and does anybody know why I might do it, or where it comes from? Thanks for your time. Peace.♧

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The four stabilizing questions

A quick way to get a hold of your self. It doesn't work for every time or everybody but it works for me especially having problems processing my emotions. Anxiety and autism share over stimulation so these technique is very important for autistics like me.

I have an emotional delay as well as an emotional processing delay. And take me a little while to realize I'm feeling something and it can take me an hour to a month to realize what that feeling is.

The first thing I got to do is stabilize myself

The four stabilizing questions.

What exactly am I worried about?

I can't solve a problem until I figure it out.

How important is it?

Something's are very important but if it's not important like I said in another post settle for disorder in lesser things for the sake of order in greater things. It's less drama in your life right now not tomorrow not next week right now.

If it's not important to devil with it

How likely is it?

I worry about a lot thing and it's only a very tiny minority of things that actually do happen. If it's probably not going to happen I can stop worrying about it although sometimes it takes me awhile anyway.

What am I going to do about it?

If that's nothing I'm done right now.

If I can't do anything until tomorrow

Then I can stop worrying about it today why waste my whole day on it



Feeling is important

Failure is the foundation of learning. You don't fail you don't learn

3lvery time that you don't fail you're probably going to fIl harder cuz there's something coming up you don't know.

Every failure is one step closer to succes

. First part of being smart is knowing you're not

#BipolarDisorder #Autism #PervasiveDevelopmentalDisorders
#Anxiety #On #DepressiveDisorders
#codependancy #PTSD


Social emotional delay

One of the things that I've never really came out about before this last 6 months was a social and emotional delay that I had.

I'm about 15 years behind in Social and emotional maturity. Now that I'm 50 that doesn't really mean that much but when I was 20 it was a damn problem.

I basically just stopped developing socially at around 6 yo or 7 yoand then I started again around 21 or 22. I am very fortunate that it started again not everybody is as lucky as I have been. .

I missed most all of third grade in a large children's hospital in a developmental disabilities Ward. One of the things I had to learn there was what emotions were. I didn't know that I was acting the way I was because I was feeling a certain way. I didn't know that other people had feelings too.

Besides my hard work I've had a lot of people help me in my life as a number of Great mentors I've also been fortunate to have some good doctors. Along with a lot of hard work on my part I'm still have matured..



Anything worth doing is worth doing badly for a start.

And as an example I'd like to give playing the piano for me I may have to play a song A thousand Times to be proficient where other people only have to play it 50 or 100 but if I want to sit down and play it that thousand times I'll play it just as well as anybody if not better. If a songs worth playing it's worth playing badly for a start.



The state regional administrator for the DMV


The status administrator from the DMV after I sent that letter just called me back.

Her office had received my letter but she had not read it yet. I explain the general details to her. She was completely understanding.

So now I can go pick up my lot from my doctor which I know is ready now. When I get there I get to ask for Craig to help me do my ID who is the facility manager.

It's always been a thing for my handwriting and of course with autism attention Is a pet peeve of mine. To get scolded for my handwriting and not paying attention when appointing for a disability ID. That's ridiculous.

This is personal victory.

#Autism #disgraphia #PervasiveDevelopmentalDisorders