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My loves

I dont have a program yet to play with my pics, but I have been playing with a collage one tonight, and I want to post one of the beautiful lil guys who get me through each day.

The top one is my sweet old baby Rox. He’s 11 and the dearest, silliness dog I’ve ever had. He’s a shih-tzu mixed with rat terrier, and he was my aunt’s dog first. I used to fly home here to DE from Colorado a few times a year, and as soon as I’d get to my aunt’s house, he would come flying down the lane to greet me. I was crazy about him, and always wished I could take him home with me. Well in 2016 after having moved back home, my aunt gave him to me and we’ve been “in love” ever since! ❤️

The little gray girl on the bottom left is Pita. She’s a 9 year old calico, and she’s super-tiny. She the littlest girl I’ve ever seen—she’s as tiny as a kitten! She was also my Dad’s kitty, so having her here with me is a huge comfort since his passing. She makes me laugh every day with her antics-she zooms around here like a wild nut and it just cracks me up. 😊

Finally my other kitty George. He’s going to be 6 in May, and he is big, beautiful Maine Coon, He’s a love, but is afraid of noises so if he’s laying on my chest and I cough or sneeze, he’s gone! Also he’s afraid of the garbage truck, the sound of me opening a soda, the freezer door being opened, etc. I wish he wasn’t so skittish, the poor love.

I’m so lucky to have these lil guys. And after seeing Michell’s pics tonight I just had to share my own! 😊

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