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Rest in peace my good buddy

Had to say goodbye to our 15 yr old cat. He had kidney failure and cancer that took him within months. Have lost 3 in 3 yrs, only 1 left. House seems so quiet. #Pets , #Grief

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Ow is not a sufficient word

The port was installed on Thursday 1/25.

I was sent home with a tegaderm film covering the incisions and more. Think it was 6” squared. I didn’t realize a rash was developing. I knew it itched but didn’t dawn on me until Sunday morning. The itching was insane. I took the film off to see a nasty raised itchy painful rash in several areas. Red and itchy everywhere else the film had touched my skin. I couldn’t have anything touch the angry skin.

We couldn’t find the calamine lotion so we headed to Publix. I asked the pharmacist what I could use so close to the incisions. She recommended to switch back and forth between Benadryl cream and cortisone cream.

I woke up this morning with no rash and minimal itching. Unfortunately now that my mind/body is relieved from the maniacal itching the pain has set in Then I accidentally picked up something with my left hand which inflamed the surgical sight.

Finally the pain was subsiding when our 16lb cat Logan (not fat, big cat) jumped up in my lap. I was distracted talking with my husband who had recently arrived home when Logan was attempting to get on the back of the chair and pushed directly on the port. I screamed, Logan jumped and I tried not the upchuck.

That was 2 hours ago. The area is back to just hurting. I will have to be more aware of my big boy.

#BreastCancer #Cancer #Pets

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The power of fur #Depression #Pets #FamilyAndFriends #Relationships #PTSD #MightyPets #MentalHealth

I am constantly surprised how fun, engaging and calming interacting with animals can be. My Granddaughters have a new pet rabbit called, “Benjamin Alexander.

Patting him is so relaxing and he laps it up. I don’t have a dog but I am friendly with many dogs in our neighbourhood.

What is your favourite animal engagement?

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New Years Eve

I'd rather be home with my pets than out partying. Not that I've been invited anywhere anyway. But that's ok. #NewYearsEve #Pets

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