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#Support from you, #TheMighty !

Just checking in. I am a bit nervous and excited to start school tomorrow. I am an early morning person, but this class meets at night, and it’s a math class. 🫣!!! I appreciate your 🙏’s as I face this season.

#Anxiety #nervous
#Excitement #Fear

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Days Before School Time: 🫣 or 😁??? #Fear #Anxiety or #Excitement #Confidence

I am a few days away from starting a required mathematical logics course. When I think of the subject matter, 😯, my heart flutters. But as I focus on today while resting and watching old Poirot mysteries, I simply smile at the fact that another level of my schooling begins soon.

Next week at this time, I WILL have homework or some class related thoughts filling my mind. However, today, days before this start date, I CAN rest, watch, and enjoy this day without any distractions thwarting my thoughts. So, I guess today’s emoji of choice will be the latter: 😁! I’m not living tomorrow or the day after, right now. Instead, I am living today, and can only live one minute at a time during this free day.

#TheMighty #Selfcare #Selfcompassion

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