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    How do people with bipolar disorder navigate pregnancy?

    I have bipolar 1. I want to marry and have children, but I'm scared of
    1. Whether my psychiatrist will agree to change or take me off my meds while trying/pregnant. I'm on lithium and ziprasidone (geodon). Both cause harm to the fetus. My psychiatrist never agrees with me whenever I point out the side effects of my medications. She always says my symptoms must be due to something else. I think she may have the same response when I tell her I want to go off my meds to have a kid.
    2. Postpartum psychosis
    3. How to avoid sleep loss while taking care of a baby. For me, sleep loss inevitably leads to a manic episode
    I'm still figuring out if having bipolar disorder is a good enough reason to not have kids even if you really want them. If it's really bad then I'd have to change my priorities and marry someone who doesn't want kids either or already has kids and doesn't want any more.
    Is there anyone out there who's had a bipolar diagnosis before having kids and it turned out alright? I'd really like to know.
    If someone is child free by choice because of bipolar I would also like to know about it.
    Thank you. #Pregnancy #baby #Child #Parenting



    Guys I’m in labour 😱
    So I literally sneezed and my waters broke (it was like the movies with a massive gush and 5 hours later my waters are still coming out bit by bit which I’ve been told will happen until I have had the baby)
    So far the contractions aren’t too bad. I’m not sure whether my pain tolerance is either better than I thought or whether I’m still super early on. The backache is quite bad though. Hopefully he will be here sometime tonight 🎉🎉 #Pregnancy #Depression #Anxiety


    Stuck inside

    I have about a month left until my baby is due to be born but I’m literally gonna be stuck inside because I’m finding public transport too much. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to keep myself entertained? #Pregnancy #bored #Anxiety #Depression



    Nothing beats getting home and putting on a pair of joggers and a comfy top after being all dressed up for the day. Might take a nap too 🙊 #Depression #Anxiety #Pregnancy #home

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    Down Dog & Pass it On: Parental Benefits to Baby & Me Yoga

    During your baby's first years, they will grow trillions of brain-cell connections, called neural synapses. Brain development can continue until age 25, but babies have the most development up to age 9.

    The importance of synapses can not be understated & is a ‘use it or lose it’ function. In fact, toddlers have more synapses than an adult! These synapses grow as early as the first couple weeks in utero.

    How babies develop has many layers, but studies show interactive activities are a core component. Parents have many activities to pick from: social, artistic, and a popular choice is Baby + Me Yoga classes. Enhancing a baby’s brain power can be found in many components of a baby-specific class and into toddler or, ‘Tot and me’, classes that are offered.

    The most important element of Baby + Me is the parent. Not only are the skills below crucial to childhood development, stress management skills for adults are included as part of a specialized Baby + Me class, and taught from a therapeutic lense. Long-term emotional skills are learned from daily interactions with the parent. Coming to a class is a learning experience for both adult and baby, enabling a parent with tools to use for years to come.

    Tailored yoga for your baby or toddler includes the following key ingredients to a healthy baby prime for physical, emotional, and mental development long term. If yoga isn’t for your family, you’ll want to look for these these categories.

    Classes that include:

    - Emotional resiliency / naming emotions enables less stress growing into the teen years.
    - Interactive play shows a child how they can interact with the world, developing social skills.
    - Baby massage not only reduces stress and improves sleep, it increases brain size compared to babies who aren’t touched as much.
    - Use of funny talk, faces and gestures helps children talk & absorb language. Baby + Me classes add these elements along with nursery rhymes allowing for repetition of information, language, & connection with others.
    - Responding to crying seems simple but a parent holding and cuddling, and your day-to-day engagement with your baby, signal emotional security to the brain. You’ll learn tactics to use in and out of the class.
    - Being attentive and focused on your child for a period of time each day (throughout the day) builds long-term trust for your baby. Participating in a Baby + Me class allows for that uninterrupted time & short exercises you can do at home.
    - Express joy and interest in your baby. Let your body language, your shining eyes, your attentiveness to babbling and baby activities, and your gentle caresses and smiles, validate the deeply lovable nature of your little one.

    To learn more about specialized Baby + Me Yoga, or how the parent can improve their own stress & emotional skills for the child’s long term success, you can go to wellandzenyoga . com.

    #neuroscience #postpartum #PostpartumAnxiety #mom #MightyMoms #Pregnancy #Stress


    A mother again #PostpartumDepression

    Just something I thought earlier today and wanted to share here.

    Becoming a PT working new mom from being a single FT working mom for 9 years is a really big difference. Less stress and less hours of work but with a 9 month old baby girl now. When COVID hit in 2020 I met my bf on a dating app who now is my husband. I wasn’t expecting anything serious usually because I end up meeting the wrong men but this time was different. I decided to accept the date and from our first day I never left his house. I told him about my depression even though it might push him away but he decided to stay with me and learn from it in order to help me. We got engaged soon after and married. Planned our first child together until the pregnancy was not as easy as I thought it would be. It became high risk and my job was demanding me to work in the same fast speed but I couldn’t. I got on disability until the baby was born and went on maternity leave soon after. I was so depressed throughout my whole pregnancy and scared of what might happen to her more than myself. She finally came at 28 weeks and in the nicu for 2 months. I decided to start working part time and just watch after her when I got off work.

    It was so hard at first and some days I just felt down and depressed that I used to just ignore everyone even started not to answer my husbands phone calls and always argued about every little thing. I was having really bad headaches and whenever my daughter cried it will get worse. I went back to therapy and my pills but after 2 months I started to gain weight so my Doctor wanted me to stop it for a bit and just continue with therapy. Honestly it quit everything and I started to workout because I got very tired easily and I felt it was my weights fault.

    I started to feel more energetic and then work on my Mental health looking for ways to help myself without these medications and therapy. Mostly my whole day is focused on my daughter and when she’s asleep I write on a journal or think of topics for a blog. I clean, I cook, I sing and play with her, I give her a bath and do her hair, do laundry and sometimes look at TV shows when I have alone time. I try to workout but she takes 5–15 minute naps during the day so it’s impossible to do that.

    It’s so hard at 35 years old to become a mom again because it’s not the same as when at my 20s. I’m more tired, exhausted, mentally drained, too many headaches, overeating with the stress and not having time to take a shower. Becoming a mother once more is very hard on some but very loving because it will take your mind of your thoughts and focused on someone else’s. So now I’m ending thi story because I can keep going for hours.

    Good luck to all the new mommies duringthis COVID times. And those suffering with depression, I just want to say to you that “you got this and never give up.” Someone is always watching you and there’s people willing to help. If you need support just reach out. #MentalHealth #Pregnancy #Depression



    I like TikTok for the videos which makes me laugh but I really hate their algorithms sometimes. They’ve gotta stop bringing up videos of sick and dying children! It makes me sad anyway but being pregnant just brings a whole new level of sadness and panic incase something bad happens to my child. I’m actually considering getting rid of TikTok because of it. #Depression #Anxiety #Pregnancy

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    A New Reality in Mom Stress

    The postpartum period after delivering a baby is a little over a year, yet we are told often we are supposed to ‘bouncing back’ to normal after 3 months.

    The old ways of viewing postpartum causes stress to new moms, with 15% - 20% experiencing debilitating symptoms.

    Postpartum stress syndrome is a step below postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety in terms of severity.

    “While postpartum stress syndrome can create feelings of anxiety that are unsettling, these feelings do not impede her ability to function or get through the day,”

    Yet, the rise of postpartum stress and depression is on the rise, especially since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

    What is going on, and what can we do about it ?

    First, we were doing too much before the pandemic, at least many were. Mothers and caregivers especially felt the stress post COVID 19 with working jobs and then managing childcare or school in the home.

    Second, we are adding to the increasing challenges by maintaining the old ways of life and trying to ‘return to normal.” Except, our world isn’t like it was. Women are expected to work as though they don’t have kids, raise children as if they don’t work, and live in a way that resembles a child-free life.

    Instead I ask you to honor where you are in your life, especially if you have younger kids under the age of 5. Cut yourself a lot of slack and know this reality isn’t forever.

    If you want to “challenge” yourself, ask yourself how you can enjoy moments to yourself, manage your stress, and be present with what is. There are many techniques to help you in 10 minutes or less.

    The more we all push back as moms and caretakers, the sooner we can all move towards a new way of being; one where we feel more balanced and not torn in multiple directions.

    #postpartum #PostpartumAnxiety #newmom #AutoimmuneDisease #LymeDisease #Stress #Anxiety #PostpartumDepression #mom #MomGuilt #AdrenalFatigue #AddisonsDisease #Pregnancy


    Pregnancy in Bipolar

    TW: mentions of miscarriage (not graphic just talking about it)

    So I just found out about a week ago that i am 6 weeks pregnant! Which we’re very happy about. BUT i think perhaps the insomnia and disrupted sleep pattern has caused me to become a little manic. Although I guess it could just be insomnia.

    But sometimes I wake up and i haven’t had a lot of sleep and i feel really energetic and excited for the day. But i think it’s been happening even when I do get enough sleep. It’s 6am now and it went to sleep at 1am. Every morning i seem to wake up around 5:30/6am from pregnancy or my puppy waking me up to pee. I’m not sure lol.

    I’m also of course on 6 different meds all that could hurt the baby. This has been a MAJOR stressor for me which I guess could contribute to a manic episode too. In fact, I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up too much because there is such a high likelihood i could miscarry.

    It feels like my doctors aren’t taking me seriously and don’t understand the URGENCY of getting me off my meds or lowering the dosages. My fucking psychiatrist suggested i see her in a month for a follow up. A MONTH. She does understand that puts me at 10 fucking weeks right?

    I called and made an appt with an obgyn and the lady on the phone didn’t seem to find my pregnancy to be high risk enough for the dr to see me before 8 weeks (i went to another place but they didn’t have any openings until I was 8/9 weeks anyways although they would see me sooner). I’m gonna have a baby with a bunch of fucking deformities now because no one will take me seriously and it’s “ mania” if I go off the meds myself but i quite frankly don’t give a shit.

    Anyone else with bipolar during pregnancy experienced doctors not taking you seriously? Or has anyone else taken meds (other than antipsychotics because those aren’t high risk drugs) during pregnancy? Did your baby turn out okay? Did you have a premature birth? Any tips to avoid mania during pregnancy?

    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Mania #Pregnancy #Insomnia


    A common type of depression no one is talking about...

    Have you heard of perinatal depression? It's more common than you would think!

    Pregnancy is often thought to be one of the happiest time's in someone's life but that is just not true. A lot of people have very rough, unpleasant, or even dangerous pregnancies.

    Many suffer from depression before, during, and/or after pregnancy and it's definitely something we need to know more about.

    Today's podcast guest, Gemma Baxter shares her experience with perinatal depression during her pregnancies and how she was able to treat it.

    Please share this episode because this is something that needs to be made aware of!

    #Pregnancy #prenataldepression #perinataldepression #PostnatalDepression #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness