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Egg Freezing…Plus Inflammation? #RheumatoidArthritis #Fertility #AutoimmuneDiseases

Hi all, I am starting the egg freezing process and worried that I am going to have increased inflammation due to hormone treatments. What is your experience/understanding? Any wisdom and words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

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March is #AutoimmuneDiseases awareness month.

<p>March is <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="autoimmune diseases" href="/topic/autoimmune-diseases/" data-id="5b23ce6300553f33fe98db91" data-name="autoimmune diseases" aria-label="hashtag autoimmune diseases">#AutoimmuneDiseases</a>  awareness month.</p>
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What are some lifestyle changes you’ve made to help you manage your daily symptoms?

<p>What are some lifestyle changes you’ve made to help you manage your daily symptoms?</p>
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Help. I'm stuck in my head. I feel useless, worthless and not wanted. I have no one I feel comfortable opening up to so I just bottle everything up and every now and then it explodes. My boyfriend says he cares but never shows it. My family acts like depression doesn't exist. I have no close friends to talk to. I can't stop crying and I feel like i have no use in this world. I have 2 auto immune diseases and more health issues. I don't let my diseases or health run my life, I keep them hidden as much as I can but somedays I just want someone to ask how I am or how am I doing? I want my boyfriend to stop talking about his baby mommas and playing video games and ask me how I'm doing or if I want to do something. I just want to feel like I matter too. I am tired of being the one making people happy. No matter how many times I think of leaving this world I can never do it because that would be selfish and I know that my life has a purpose. I wish that purpose would show itself though because after 31 yrs of life I am beginning to lose hope. A person can only take so much before they break and I'm not sure I can take much more. #Depression #AutoimmuneDiseases #Loneliness #feelinguseless

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The last day I felt normal.

<p>The last day I felt normal.</p>
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Ever feel like the Wonky Donkey?
(like, every single day)?

*click - he’ll cheer you up anyway.
Nance 💜

<p>Ever feel like the Wonky Donkey?<br>(like, every single day)?</p><p>*click - he’ll cheer you up anyway.<br>xoxo,<br>Nance 💜</p>
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Community Voices
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Hello, has anyone who suffers with anxiety also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder? I have recently been experiencing many symptoms and also have a strong family history of autoimmune disease I think I may have been putting some of my symptoms down to my anxiety and convincing myself that is all it is. Would love to chat with anyone who has been disganoised but also suffers with anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you! #Anxiety #illness #autoimmune #Health

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Everyday has been such a struggle. The mental pain is excruciating. It’s becoming unbearable. My mind is fogged and I have a hard time communicating. I have really no support in any way. I’m tremendously sad and reaching out for some comfort because I don’t know what else to do. I know so many people are struggling too. My heart is with you all and if you are alone, I understand your pain because I feel every bit of it. #Depression #hopeless #Anxiety #Loneliness #AutoimmuneDiseases #NeurologicalDisorder #Loneliness #Pain

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