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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
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Shaken up

I just read an article about the life expectancy of someone with
#FetalAlcoholSpectrumDisorders . It is startling to know that it is 34 through 38 years old or a little older.


Anxiety going out

Here lately every time I leave the house and I know I am going to be in a group/ crowd my anxiety acts up. I take a fidget spinner or cube with me and I have tried breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises and distracting myself. Non of this seems to help I have told my doctor and my medication has been increased but I can't see a difference in that eather. #Anxity #CPTSD #FetalAlcoholSpectrumDisorders


#FetalAlcoholSpectrumDisorders Has anyone been diagnosed with FASD as an adult? What are your symptoms? Is confabulation one of them?


day-by-day #imtryingmybest #FetalAlcoholSpectrumDisorders

I like to live life day by day. It’s difficult having fasd, because I’m always beating myself up and blaming myself so others don’t have to. I’d rather hurt myself then let others hurt me which is probably my worst trait. some days it’s hard to leave my bed or brush my hair or go have a shower but if I tell myself that I only have to suffer through this day it gets easier. I often get overwhelmed for my future; will others think I’m weird, will I always look differnt to others, will my future be the same as the next person, will I get the same treatment in life, will I reach all my milestones? etc. but I know that if I live the way I know how, then everything will be okay. #YouGotThis #livelife

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I’ have ADHD and delayed reading /writing in childhood, and secondary mental health issues that exactly match studies of long terms effects of FASD . (that happen for some people if they do not get early diagnosis or the right support) .

I know my mum turned to drinking when she suffered with post natal depression after my older brother was born and had a drinking problem ever since.

in one way it’s a relief to understand this is not my fault, just unfortunate, but its an adjustment to realise what I’ve been dealing with all those years.


Recode programme for FASD


our understanding of neuro plasticity is growing. neurons can grow back, damaged synapses can heal. the ReCode programme has helped people regain brain function after damage through inflammation /Dementia. could this programme help people with FASD. The testimonies from the organisation Sharp Again are worth a listen, as are Dr Brednesons talks on ReCode. this ought to be tested out.