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    Easter Chick in shell

    I have been teaching myself to crochet and here are my makes so far ....
    #crochet #Metal health #Hypertension #learning disabilities

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    Tiny rabbit

    How has this year of 🐇/🐈‍⬛ started for you?
    Hope it will be kind, warm hearted and light✨️
    #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicFatigue #ChronicIlless #MultipleSclerosis #crochet

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    Baby blanket for my neighbor

    My neighbor has 4 boys. For the 3 I was around for the birth I made blankets. This is the latest one. #crochet

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    Crocheting Newbie

    Hey everyone I’m NikkiLee & a new app user & group member. I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression a few years back. I’ve done the therapy, meds, & nothing seems to help me. My husband doesn’t understand what I go through on a daily basis mentally so trying to discuss ANYTHING with him about my mental state is like pulling teeth unmediated but he’s trying to finally learn/ask questions/do research on how to help me & himself on how to help. My mental state has gotten so bad since around April & im finally starting to feel “normal” (whatever that is lol). A distraction I use is crocheting, it gives me a chance to learn a new pattern/stitch/project & I can do it for hours. It’s probably the only thing I still enjoy. I want to be able to try new things, watch new movies & shows, pick up a new hobby, meet new people but it’s hard when you want to also be alone & antisocial. #Depression #Anxiety #crochet

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    What do you see?

    I finished the blanket today. It took longer because I have help from my cats. #crochet

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    My helpers

    TwinkleBea (on couch)and Thumper (on bag) decided I was done for the night #Anxiety #crochet #Depression #PTSD #Cats

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    A new bag , Tuchka🐈‍⬛ and anxiety 🌪

    Finally finished this bag)
    I started crocheting(mostly bags) about 1,5 years ago and now I have a number of new handmade bags)
    I know I should try selling them at Etsy or somewhere similar. And at this point my anxiety wakes up🙀 , it starts telling me that it's difficult, and how I will send bags to other countries (I live in Russia), and that my bags are not good enough to be sold, and nobody will want to buy and pay for delivery and so on and so forth...
    Hope, I'll manage to tame my anxiety and fear, and just make a step and try🙂
    #Anxiety #Crafting #crochet #MightyBags #Depression #ChronicIlless #MultipleSclerosis #IntrusiveThoughts