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How to? Make regular friends or join nothing about mental social community when you have social anxiety, depression, and anxiety disorder.

how can you make friend when you have social anxiety and always have this perceived intrussive negative thought about other people?

I have tried to get into the circle of friendship with my besties, but then I snapped. My anxiety was too overwhelmed with the mambo jumbo, as I have to be able to smile all the time and follows the trends or fad in this circle.. too tiring. So I left them...

then I tried to join the social community about entrepreneurship which I like to learn about because I think I am better at avoiding the friendship one, but then someone said something that I thought it was annoying.. well, my mind keep trying to say it was nothing but I just cannot accept it, because it was annoying at least from my own anxious perspective. so I left... again...

This kind of sweet flight mode is like a pattern, and I did not realize it until now.

So, this anxiety wont even give me the chance to work on my social anxiety.. I thought if I try to get a little by little to cope with it, I might be able to be my self again...

Anxiety kills my happy personality.

Is this even treatable?

#Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #HowTo #livelife

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Tips on how to live a fulfilled life

Here are a few tips on how to live a more fulfilled life. What do you do to fulfill your life? What tips did I miss? #livelife #fulfilled #LifeLessons #MentalHealth


Not your Fault

Remember everyday, you are here for a reason. No matter how you got here you have purpose. Most people spend an excessive amount of time looking for their purpose; sadly they miss the best part of the journey. Doing what you love and being yourself in the best way possible. If you don’t love yourself or live for you right now. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Only thing we can do is move forward. Learn to love yourself in a healthy way, learn to develop your mind and polish your skills. Figure out what you like, what you don’t like and find the origin of where those ideas came from. I’m still broken and in much need of help. This is a summary of some advice I’ve received over the years. My life is not easy but I’m gonna fight for my right to live. #NotMyFault

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Keeping Busy This Week Baking #Chatspace #baking #Distractions

Morning Guys & Gals

How are you today?

As you can see from my pic, this is what I've been baking this week. As few carrot cakes with cream cheese icing; some cheese scones and a fruit loaf done in my bread oven. No I wouldn't have the energy or hands to do all that kneading.🤨🥵

I grated all those carrots and that was enough for a three hour rest on the sofa 🤣😂.

So what are you doing to keep you busy? What are your distractions.?
You've met my 2 pups Pepper and Pedro.
So along with my baking, which I do to give out to my neighbours. Which they gobble up.😋😋😋😋❤.
What are you up too??
Show us what you are up too
If you want to in your own post or post your comments below and let's have a chat.

Much love Tj 😘😋❤🖐🥕🍰💞😽💖🧐🤓😉😁🐕🐶🐈🐱🐾🐾🍞☕🎂🍪🍩
#CheckInWithMe #baking #livelife #Love #Hugs #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Chatting #Ventaway #Kindness #hobbies #Pets #Tj #Stayinghome #Stayingsafeathome #NeverAlone #Beingalonetogether #


day-by-day #imtryingmybest #FetalAlcoholSpectrumDisorders

I like to live life day by day. It’s difficult having fasd, because I’m always beating myself up and blaming myself so others don’t have to. I’d rather hurt myself then let others hurt me which is probably my worst trait. some days it’s hard to leave my bed or brush my hair or go have a shower but if I tell myself that I only have to suffer through this day it gets easier. I often get overwhelmed for my future; will others think I’m weird, will I always look differnt to others, will my future be the same as the next person, will I get the same treatment in life, will I reach all my milestones? etc. but I know that if I live the way I know how, then everything will be okay. #YouGotThis #livelife

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why do some people thrive and some people struggle to survive?

I don’t know that this is a question, per se, feels more like a thought in the form of a question. This is my question as I notice how things around my house are breaking, wearing out, etc and I’m not fixing them. I’m letting them go. I’m noticing I’m always focused on what I can’t do and others seem to not do that. I’m held down by my own pessimistic thoughts. I don’t want to just survive. I want to thrive but I don’t know how... #thrivenotsurvive #thrive #livelife #optimistic #Depression #Anxiety