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To the one who had me but let go

You had me
I would have done anything for you
Looking back I am reminded of what we could have been and not what we were
Missing you is like missing the rain
Once the storm hits I reminded of your power but once you leave me dry I’m missing you all over again

#lonley #betteroff #missingwhatisntthere #YouGotThis

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Shelf- Care

Just a friendly reminder that for us Mighty, self are and health care is VITAL, and could be the very thing to save our lives. So go to your doctor, drink your water and get your VitSun!
Love on your pets or working animals or whoever are your support system.
For me I got my hair cut, I am spending time with my kitty and I am going to spent time out in the sun
Do what you need to do so you can be Mighty another day.
❤❤🙏❤❤💙 #Selfcare #YouGotThis #wearemighty

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Not Everyone Will Understand Your Life And That’s Ok, You Have to Live Your Life, Not Make Others Understand It! #BipolarDepression #Depression

I’m not telling anyone to do this or that but I just want to give you the option to see if what works for me, can possibly give you some relief for coping with your depression. I’m sure we have plenty of questions about it but it’s a unique way of existence as you are unique and so is your depression.

So, when you are hungry it could be a few hours since you ate or a few days. The feeling of hunger is still the same. You see what I am trying to say is that you can have different causes and still result in the same feelings. I have also found that if people are telling me what I need to do and it’s like a ‘you need to go for a run, get some exercise’ I don’t bother to ask them at what point you expect me to get my joggers on when I have an overwhelming need to stay in my bed! You can find out real friends who have love for you when you have mental conditions.

Also if you imagine that you make a fist with your hand. That’s representing you and around it is where your energy goes. If it’s only at 65% or anything below 100%, you can’t possibly give 100% or your full attention and effort to things around you like work or personal commitments, it’s not possible. I found absolutely nothing I tried to do was easy and I forced myself in to stuff and then you exhaust your self. You have to be kind to yourself I think and have a day in bed if needed. I wrote this if anyone can take anything from it! Sending love and support to you all

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life #Inspirat...

#MightyTogether #YouGotThis

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