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Thankful #Fibromyalgia

I haven’t long joined, but wanted to say a big Thank you. I have walked alone for a very long time. No matter what I say or post, there is always someone here. Finally a place where there is support and understanding.
#NeverAlone #fighters #Inspiration


Diary - Day 3

So I started the morning with my 1st ect session. I was so scared, started crying. My poor Dr held my hand till I was asleep...sort of feel ashamed about it. But on the other had I am grateful for him being caring.

So woke up and except for my jaw being sore and stiff I have no other side effects because of it. The worst part (And I'm being completely honest..) is my dry mouth. So at 6 this morning I got an injection to dry up your saliva to prevent you from aspirating. It is almost 12 hours later and my mouth still dry...think I've drank about 4 and 1/2 litres of water today. 🍶

I'm really glad it went well. Groups today...aarrrggghhh. Atleast there was 1 group led by a Psychologist that was pretty structured and to the point. One of the other patients raised the point of being scared to go back out into the world. I gave my 2 cents by telling her life is not smooth, it is not just going to go uphill from here. There will be times that she will fall again. It is though her and only her choice what she will do. Stay down or decide to fight again. It's not easy getting back up time after time. But you are the only that can make that choice. You cannot change circumstances, what you can change is the way you respond to them.

Very excited, the boys will be visiting later. I can't wait to see them. Drew (mostly traced) them each a picture. It's the thought that counts... I feel in much better spirit this evening. Suspect the 3 reasons are on their way here...

Have a good evening!

#BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2 #fighters #Family

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Survivor #AbuseSurvivors #MentalHealth #fighters

Everyday you fight. You fight to get out of bed. You fight to eat. You fight to sometimes even brush your hair. Fighting can be so draining and exhausting. You give all you got everyday. I know sometimes it feels like your waiting for it to get better and you just take it day by day to only feel the same way as you did before. I want you to know your not alone. Someone out there feels the same way you do and is fighting with you. Never feel ashamed that you have hard days. Never be ashamed of your illnesses. Never be ashamed of your medications, tears, or pain. You are brave. Remember your worth and beauty. Remember the light you bring to the lives of others.💛



Each day we fight. We fight to plaster on a smile. We fight to hold onto our jobs. We fight to hold onto relationships. We fight to be accepted. We fight to be included. We fight to be loved.
What comes easy to many is a battle each day for us. A fight with ourselves. If you know anyone suffering with mental illness take the time to acknowledge their struggles. Let them know they are loved and not a burden. You could save a life or make a new friend. We are not broken, worthless people. We are just people. #NotBroken #fighters #MentalIllness

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Hi all! This is my first post! I wanted to say #hi to all the #Brave #fighters ! I’m glad we have a community to share our thoughts. We may not all live with the same condition, but knowing I’m not alone in this world gives me #strength


#fighters #invincible #we _can_do_it

When 2018 started i though it'll be one of the greatest years ever, but it wasn't the kind of years we live to live through . But although i was in pain and despite the fact that i hated my self, my body and the people around me, i kept fighting. Every day was a new battle and every time I woke up I'm half way there, half way to make my dream come true, half way to survival. It's the little things that keep us fighting : a child’s inocent smile, a message from an old friend or just a good book that keeps you company.