Functional Neurological Disorder/Conversion Disorder

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Functional Neurological Disorder/Conversion Disorder
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    Organ donation, body donation or neither?

    <p>Organ donation, body donation or neither?</p>
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    Cheer me on!

    Today I learnt that a day that starts off bad doesn't have to stay that way till the end. I can turn things around. I woke up this morning feeling really down and full of self pity. But I decided to push myself to get out of my bed and meet up with a friend for lunch. I also got a ton of cleaning and laundry done. I'm feeling more uplifted and quite accomplished. The day turned out pretty well in the end. It feels really good. #CheerMeOn #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #Disability

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    #FND FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder ##

    ####FND ## I went to work for five hour today ,I have been on a goe slow today I kept forgetting things iam so very drained acky and no energy today is any one else having a hard ,I felt like I was even struggling to walk home , I just want to goe to sleep 😴 my life has changed so much I reapette my self a lot so sorry if iam boring anyone , but used to help a lot at doing things at work and at home at work iam only supposed to be doing my job but I find it hard to say no , when I see family I don’t want them to see me when iam having a rubbish day so I try and make out that iam fine you all take care x 😎😎😊

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    I’ve been struggling for years with chronic pain, dizziness and fainting spells. I got Covid 2 months ago and ever since then I’ve had worse pain and pots episodes. I’ve become unable to do my groceries without almost fainting and can’t do the things I enjoy anymore. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I’m wondering if it’s time to get a mobility aid and how to approach the subject with my GP.

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    Holy **** I'm sick

    <p>Holy **** I'm sick</p>
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    Struggling. I need some encouragement. 🫂💜

    I went to physical therapy today for the first time. I've been in a bit of a denial how bad things got. It's finally setting in. I'm truly disabled. I have struggle to walk and use my hands. I think I need to change my lifestyle a bit and need to ask for help from family and friends. This is a scary and frustrating time for me. I have 4 young kids and I can barely manage through the day. Basic tasks take so much energy and time and I get exhausted so quick. My husband ends up having to do alot. I was away for 2 months at a treatment center less than a year ago. This is just too much. 😞 #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #Disabled

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    If you could choose where and how you pass,
    where would it be and how?

    <p>If you could choose where and how you pass,<br>where would it be and how?</p>
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    FND Functional Neurological Disorder

    So I want to talk to my doctor about if I have FND, anyone have suggestions on how to talk to my neurologist about it and what steps to take towards a diagnosis? My doctors haven’t really been very proactive in the past to get a diagnosis for my symptoms or really pay attention to my symptoms or bloodwork. My symptoms are progressing. How did y’all come about a diagnosis and how did y’all discuss it?