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How are you today? #Vent #getitoffyourchest

Hi guys
I've found that with #counselling it's just been really nice to offload all teh stuff in my brain that I might not want to share with my friends and family for fear of judgement and rejection.

Comment below some of the things you want to say, good or bad without #fearofrejection and #NoJudgment


What's normal? #Fibromyalgia #FamilyAndFriends #ChronicPain

I'm 21 and up until I was 20 I was under the impression that the pain I was experiencing was normal. I honestly though I was being a baby about it and that I wasn't as strong as others. Now that I have a few different diagnoses I have a clearer understanding of how not-normal I am. I'm amazed that people can go through a day and not feel pain, I'm constantly curious about what it would be like and ask questions frequently about their daily lives. I'm getting better about not pushing myself an listening to my body. I still have a long way to go but my family is making it hard. They're constantly comparing me now to how I was when I was killing myself to keep up. They don't what to hear about my pain or my limitations.
That felt really good to get out! #venting #newdiagnosis #getitoffyourchest



Christmas is here, and I’m more lonely than ever. Every post on Facebook is seemingly all about old friends (now strangers to me) and their new friends. Or family tagging other family. Why not me? I like funny stuff, and any notifications I get lately are new posts in crappy groups I go to for funnies. I want so badly to not be so alone. My husband and son try so hard for me, and it kills me that it isn’t enough..I’m just so lonely. No one checks in on me, and the only times I can interact is if I initiate. But I can’t relate to anything. I’m inside nearly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With how little I have to talk about, I just end up being a broken record..repeating the same questions and saying the same jokes. Feels so bad. I long for meaningful friendship, for someone to understand me. For someone to talk to. I’m so alone in my head and feelings. I just want a hug..