So I’ve been really stressed for over a week because I’m a supply teacher and with all the schools shut (sort of) in the UK, I didn’t know what I was going to do for money... fortunately I qualify for the 80% pay scheme but I only found out Friday night... so I stopped being so stressed and tense. Great for my mental health but apparently awful for my physical health! I’m in so much pain! So awake at 5am in no sleep, taken tramadol which was USELESS, watching criminal minds and practically bathing in heat cream. FUN. My partner is being so lovely though, making me hot water bottles and rubbing my back in heat cream and not moaning when my tossing/turning/tv wakes him up. Even though he’s knackered from work (NHS specialist biomedical scientist). Love him so much, even after 7 years ❤️ #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #NHS #Pain #Sleep #heatcream #Heat #Crying #Partner #Love #Stress #Lockdown