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Dear bad pain day

What can I say about this bad pain day except im #Humbled to be in your presence. Am I startled and #hurt that you are here? Absolutely. Do I wish you were gone? 100% for sure.

In spite of that, today, I'm #choosing to #learn from you.

You see, I know I won't be able to do much today. However, I still have a house to maintain. I still have a dog to take care of. I still have to take care of #Myself .

You see, I choose to take this #painful #experience and try to see what all I can do on this day, knowing it won't be much if anything at all. I still walk today with the mindset of how much can I achieve on a day like today?

Not all days will be this rough, but as of today, I have #Hope .

May your days shine bright with hope 💜

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#Humbled #Recovery

Please place your warm hand upon my tired
shoulder, humbled, silent, kneeling man I’m
broken before you. “What’s that” my ego
speaks “you’re bullet proof, not made of
glass” but trembling like a fresh sprung leaf
is what I really am. I kneel so I can stand. The
world looms before me, the roads twisted
and tangled. Unsure of any thought that
drops and shatters from my brain, the only
thing I’m sure of is this ancient throbbing
pain. “Look” the words not from your lips but
from your smiling gaze, “behind you lies the
fading tracks of stolen yesterdays. Ahead
uncertain moments waiting, diamonds in the
dust. Today is what I offer” and then you fly
away, an eagle in the night. The northern
star is set ablaze, a beacon in plain sight. I
pull myself up off the floor unsure of what’s
to follow. I find the ground beneath my feet,
grab hold my untold sorrow. Still lost I fold
her words up, tuck them neatly away. Three
steps forward one step back in search for
my today.
#MightyPoets #Addiction #SubstanceRelatedDisorders #Hope #MentalHealth