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I cant draw but dont care
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Sketching With a Piece of Charcoal in Non-Dominant Hand While Your Tremor is Making Your Whole Body Shake and Also With Double Vision is Hard

When it comes to painting I usually just hold the paint brush with my teeth to avoid having to deal with the constant shaking. But I'm trying to practice using my non-dominant hand more often...I also didn't fancy holding charcoal in my mouth...I really like the look of old renaissance portrait sketches and I wanted to kind of combine that style with an art nouveau portrait poster style. Not my best work but it's something a little different.
#Art #ArtTherapy #ICantDrawButDontCare #EssentialTremor #Encephalopathy #sketch

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Mixed Media Art I Made With My Paintbrush Held Between My Teeth

There was a time when I first became disabled that I thought I would never be able to do any type of art ever again #Art #ArtTherapy #ICantDrawButDontCare #Encephalopathy #ChronicTraumaticEncephalopathy #Insomnia

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German quote #Depression #Drawing

For not german speakers: The quote means: "You are the proof that depression transfigures our view. How can you not see how beautiful you are?"

It's by a book of a pretty young german author. She went through diffrent mental health issues herself and so did her book charakter. The charakter in the scene i drew felt naked and helpless. She suddenly started crying without any logical reason.

I think my drawing fits very well to depression. At least in my case. I sometimes feel like the girl in the picture.

#Depression #Deep #draw #ICantDrawButDontCare #Drawing #Art #artaboutdepression