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If I relive the past over and over am I bad

I feel afraid of everybody. I feel like people want to hurt me all the time especially authority figures. I expect to get ab##t whooping. For no reason I feel attached to toxic people I beat myself up over everything. I'm jumpy. I hear voices. Am I alone in this?#if I struggle to forgive. I say sorry all the time. I feel unsafe sometimes I feel like I wake up wanting to fight. Is there a way to overcome this. I pray all the time I still obess over alot. My disability scares people. I feel like a failure as a christian. I hope it's ok to post this#

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#skylord #

#well he's last post was on January 11 2021 #There are a lot of people who watch he's videos ,or what ever and he makes them happy . #especially when they have a bad day.And he takes Beautiful pictures of the ocean and surf if he is working buy there. #if you get this we and I mean me miss your sarcastic humor ,sometimes it seems people just don't get it.But I love it, I just want you to know ,it's hard to stop a Southerner from caring for a person we are not made that way.O and I and we all miss your singing a lot.We love you Jack and yes you are the real Starlord because you shine your light on use all🦩✌️❤️💔😎I hope you find this🦩✌️



#if I Maybe So Bold ,He’ll Yea Every One Join In To A Shoot Of Booze And Say Good Buy To The Crappiest Year I Can Remember In My Life Time #

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Be well you all #if you have ever heard the last words

From Steve Jobs you know that he had all money could buy , but he was a very unhappy man . Very very sad but his health was a nightmare and I talked to him and he was a very very sincere person who suffered tragically in the end :-( Many do not know how sad he was and how he did suffer . Was an Arab and adopted by Catholic parents and suffered way too much RIP Steve Jobs and we all enjoy your creativity ❤️❤️✝️🕎🔯☮️💟☦️

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#take charge💪🏽 of your mind

#if you don’t take charge of your mind🧠 someone else☠️ will or something else will 🙊🙉🙈 be you😇


Recovering from divorse and more personal rejection

#if you were at the beating end of a very ugly divorse where kids are involved and you get hel from your x as well asher parents, family and brainwhashed children it tends to bring you to a full stop. We are almost at point of going our seperate ways after our house got sold last week and both need the money to get on our feet. After receiving many calls from x and her pare ts my own elderly parents got om my case to just get them what they want because I now will be the reason they are in bad health. They steel my own items stored till I move within 60days but need the capital to start upfront, but niw get help from no one till I get my own money. Meanwile thers 2 flats big and in my budgetprice open right now. So when my parents came to tell me to just do what they and my x wants I told them thers te gate and to get in car and move along. I feel proud for standing ip for mhself but in proces lost everyone closeto me and closed doors to protect myself. Worried Iwill take this poison attetude to rest of my other real frends relationships and then have so support whatso ever....



#if you can imagine what a chainsaw would feel like, it would come close to my pain today...all across the lower back, totally intolleerable


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#if people could only see how you are really feeling...it would make life so much better

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