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My cat Blue

#There was a large spider under my headboard of my bed. I thought no sleep tonight. My cat Blue caught him and the crunch got me running out the room. I tried to catch it first in my insect catcher, I am just glad its gone, so I can hopefully sleep.#


Why keeping a child alone with a candle is the best decision of your life

#There is a lot of rumors going around about candles in children’s rooms. And how it is not ok and can hurt children. I am here to tell you that this is simply crap. That’s right I said it even though I don’t like to use that type of language I felt it was needed. Serious topic=serious language. The reason for this being candles can heat rooms up so your child doesn’t freeze. Candles can also be useful so your child’s rooms smell good and have light especially for age 11-20. To sum this all up I would say lay off and let your child do what they want and stop being so overbearing and overprotective of them. I hope this doesn’t come off aggressive or targeted. Because there is simply no one I am directing this toward. Cough (Shane Branham and Deanna Branham)Cough. Sorry allergies are crazy this time of year. I should go LIGHT A CANDLE IN MY ROOM TO RELAX. Anyways stay crunchy, crunchy mommas.

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Bushkin says #There must be a legal assistance program to help you get an objective legal support with what you are going through 🌺

I love you all because you are very supportive intelligent caring loving people and I have been physically disabled since 2005 officially and I have never ever experienced anything like this situation.I was harsh word here vivisection at UMASS Medical School vivisected .Please keep praying that I can get legal aid from some organization in the Commonwealth 🌹🌼🌸🌺🌻🌞🌝🌝🌚🌚

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#skylord #

#well he's last post was on January 11 2021 #There are a lot of people who watch he's videos ,or what ever and he makes them happy . #especially when they have a bad day.And he takes Beautiful pictures of the ocean and surf if he is working buy there. #if you get this we and I mean me miss your sarcastic humor ,sometimes it seems people just don't get it.But I love it, I just want you to know ,it's hard to stop a Southerner from caring for a person we are not made that way.O and I and we all miss your singing a lot.We love you Jack and yes you are the real Starlord because you shine your light on use all🦩✌️❤️💔😎I hope you find this🦩✌️


#Cant sleep #

#its been one hell of a far I have spelt water every whare . I have sinus problems so I have to sleep or try to with my head elevated #There is the water issue some how I knock it over #Have Gerd, not all the time, but I do tonight . #Cant sleep, neck is bothering me also . # It’s a bad night.I do believe I started my day with fiberflare #This night sucks.So far this year sucks. # #keep waiting for my ship to show up # Kesha song 🚀 Space Ship #


# husband,#Schizophrenia , not sure,# upset,I am sure.

Well, my husand and I have little to no connection. I have been quite upset lately and we passed by a florist while on the way home from driving him to the doctor’s officious I ca usually mentioned- may be nice if #. You brought me some flowers I have been so upset lately. He replied, so I’ll buy you some flowers somewhat sarcastically. My husband doesn’t care if I get upset. His usual response is call someone up. This time I am using this app. #There is more. But, who wants to read all this..???

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#There its any body having problems with losing memorries?
I have problems remembering daily activites, or i use to do things nigh, afer i think i went to spleep. But the fact, i dont remember the conversations i have or activites i made it make s me pretty scard. #

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#Protect and serve!

#There’s two types of people in the world leaders 😇 and followers😒 which one are you?
Choose to be a leader🌈💕 take charge of your health and life💝


##weight loss and chronic illness #There are several posts that ask how does one lose weight while chronically ill. I am 68 with diabetes. When my A1C gets high, I fast on 800 calories and 25 gms of carbs a day. You should check with your dr fist. I lost 9lbs in two weeks. I use Premier Protein. After third day you are no longer hungry.

Works for me. I lose 20 lbs or so then gradually add food.