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    Often struggle with trying to be perfect when I know I’m human

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    Women of the Year Orlando ‘s the City Magazine

    Faith- Christina was selected as one of 22 executive women. She is in the April issue of Orlando the City’s Magazine. She refuses to let a little thing like Down syndrome get in her way. She wants yo change the world. She continues to make baby blankets for newborn babies with Down syndrome and pillowcases for children with cancer. Imperfect Creations is the name of her business. This CEO is going places.
    #DownSyndrome is cool
    #Imperfect creations
    #baby blankets
    #entreprenuer with disability

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    Subtle Art of Not Being Okay!

    It’s okay to not have all the right answers ready with you at all times - the times when you wanted to be heard, consoled and assured that you belong. More importantly, you are needed and loved no matter what the moment screams otherwise. Not everyone is going to understand you and it’s your right to ignore them. It’s okay to feel what you feel. It makes your all the more human. You’ll be okay even if it’s not today. #OkCulture #Imperfect #NotOKArt #I ’llThrive