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How do people with bipolar disorder navigate pregnancy?

I have bipolar 1. I want to marry and have children, but I'm scared of
1. Whether my psychiatrist will agree to change or take me off my meds while trying/pregnant. I'm on lithium and ziprasidone (geodon). Both cause harm to the fetus. My psychiatrist never agrees with me whenever I point out the side effects of my medications. She always says my symptoms must be due to something else. I think she may have the same response when I tell her I want to go off my meds to have a kid.
2. Postpartum psychosis
3. How to avoid sleep loss while taking care of a baby. For me, sleep loss inevitably leads to a manic episode
I'm still figuring out if having bipolar disorder is a good enough reason to not have kids even if you really want them. If it's really bad then I'd have to change my priorities and marry someone who doesn't want kids either or already has kids and doesn't want any more.
Is there anyone out there who's had a bipolar diagnosis before having kids and it turned out alright? I'd really like to know.
If someone is child free by choice because of bipolar I would also like to know about it.
Thank you. #Pregnancy #baby #Child #Parenting

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Is there anyone in here who enjoys #sewing clothing?

Do you sew clothing? Accessories? Blankets? Purses? I, personally, love to sew retro (50’s) style dresses, and am currently making #baby clothing for my bf who just had a little girl. I also LOVE to make t shirts with my #Cricut . Any fellow seamstresses/sewers out there?


My big loss...

Well here it is.... I lost a baby in September… No one in my family knew except for me and the babies father, we decided to keep it to ourselves until we were farther along… He was a good thing we waited, all of the stress from my life and with everything going on sadly we lost the baby.

The reason I’m even bringing this up and putting it on The Mighty is my sister now thinks that she is pregnant… She’s been calling me and texting me for the past two days, every time I get a text and a call from her it feels like I’m dying on the inside…

She thinks just because I am the baby sister that I know nothing about anything… Which is not the case… I know I could solve all of my problems by just telling everyone that we lost the baby but I can’t deal with the questions, “why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant? why didn’t you tell us you lost the baby? why? why ?why?”

I want to run and hide from this hell!
I can never catch a break…

I know I’m still grieving and I understand that it’s going to take time but at the same time why does it feel like my body hates me? Why does it feel like I wasn’t good enough to have a baby?

#baby #Stress #sad #hurt #Depression #Family #help #why


I have a new born and a 3yr old - how do you manage your mood/sleep, your medication and your young dependants?

I have suffered with Anxiety and Depression clinically for around 10 years.

3 years ago, my partner and I welcomed our first little girl into the world. While I was still in a rough place mentally, we managed through as we could sleep at alternate times, taking turns with the little one. Fast forward to now, we have welcomed our second little girl 5 weeks early.

In the last 6 months I have moved onto a new medication which is the first I feel has truly worked with managing my anxiety and the symptoms of depression. Clomipramine is an older medication but works well for sleep, a little too well as I find myself in a very deep sleep.

The issue I am having is managing the medication and being a parent at the same time - for the moment I have reduced my dose to lessen the sleepy side effect so as to be available for my wife and kids, especially with feeding through the night, but I am also acutely aware of looking after my mental health as well. Changing medication now would be a last resort as it has taken this long to find a tablet that has worked plus the time it would take to come off this tablet and the new one to take effect.

I am already feeling a slip in my mood, partly through the stresses of dealing with the situation at hand let alone a new born and if there are any tips at all, I would welcome them with open arms.


tips on managing a newborn, 3 year old and anti-anxiety medication which helps with sleep

#Anxiety #Depression #NewBorn #Sleep #Stress #clomipramine #baby #Family

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Women of the Year Orlando ‘s the City Magazine

Faith- Christina was selected as one of 22 executive women. She is in the April issue of Orlando the City’s Magazine. She refuses to let a little thing like Down syndrome get in her way. She wants yo change the world. She continues to make baby blankets for newborn babies with Down syndrome and pillowcases for children with cancer. Imperfect Creations is the name of her business. This CEO is going places.
#DownSyndrome is cool
#Imperfect creations
#baby blankets
#entreprenuer with disability

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Will I Only See My Children In My Dreams

I know I have to get to her.

I feel the pull in my gut to leave where I am.

I know she is safe and I know she is not far. So I stand up and I go looking for her.

I realise, I’m in my house and I start to walk down the stairs.

I pause halfway down the stairs and I look to my right.

There she is.

I can see her wiggling

I can hear her babbling

She’s dressed in a cerise pink, footless onesie that stops at her ankle exposing her little chubby feet.

I feel myself melt

I feel my breathing quicken

I get to the bottom of the stairs and I enter my brothers bedroom.

The room is clean, the walls are white, and the light seems brighter than usual.

She’s lying on the bed, on top of a cream soft blanket and she continues to babble and wiggle.

My brother is playing his Xbox and I guess is supposed to be watching her for me.

He pauses his game, exits the room and leaves us alone.

I move closer towards her and I see her chubby fingers playing with her chubby feet and my heart beats a little faster.

Her skin, is the same shade of golden honey and softer than velvet

Her baby hair is silky and jet black, and pushed to one side

I look down and lock eyes with my dark brown, doe-eyed girl

She looks about 8months old

And I can’t believe it

I’m looking at my little chunky monkey

She’s looks at me and smiles.

She knows I’m her mummy.

She’s happy to see me but could never know how happy I am to see her.

My heart is beating much faster and I feel myself smiling.

I’m giddy with love.

I’m giddy with excitement

I pick her up and feel the weight of her in my arms.

I can’t take my eyes off her

She is just fantastically beautiful

She smiles her gummy smile and I feel myself melt further and fall deeper in love than I’ve ever felt.

I smell her neck and my head spins. I’m intoxicated by her

I kiss her feet

She giggles and I kiss her feet again

Nothing like kissing a babies foot or hearing a baby laugh.

I’m soaking her up.

She looks like me but I can also see my mum.

I just can’t take my eyes off her

I try my hardest to take in every detail of her

I’m in awe and I don’t want to let her go

I feel joy burst in my heart and I feel peace cover me.

Then I blink and suddenly I’m awake

And just like that she’s gone

She’s drifted away and formed into the words you’re now reading

Then I think…

Will I only see my children in my dreams?

#Stillbirth #Miscarriage #Infertility #Ttc #baby #Love #Grief #MentalHealth #mom #Poem #PostnatalDepression #PregnancyLoss #WritingThroughIt #dreams

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My angel

We lost this beautiful baby 72 days ago. I miss her every second. My life will never be the same, I don’t know how I’ll learn to cope with this pain. I’ll be brave for her because she was so brave for me. Mommy misses you sweet girl. #bereavement #angel #baby #NICU #Crying


One day at a time #Grief #Reunite #baby Steps Toxic

Life can be overwhelming, and sometimes even one day at a time is too much. After the loss of my husband, I have found it's OK to think about me and what will help me get through everything life throws at us. Baby steps are permissable, sleep is welcome, toxic people do not belong in my life anymore, and I have the believe that this life is temporary. Constant affirmations that I will be OK are said daily. I have a purpose; I just don't know what it is. Many times it feels too hard, but I work very dilligently to be strong and not give up. I am a different person now, and I know my husband is with me on this journey and helping guide me. I look forward to the day when we will be reunited.