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    Women of the Year Orlando ‘s the City Magazine

    <p>Women of the Year Orlando ‘s the City Magazine</p>
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    I'm Still Me

    Amid the chaos and despair this country and the world has slowly cycled downward into. I have discovered a key element in my being.
    I am Charity.
    I have severe asthma and some other chronic issues that keep me from working. So in this time I know I am high risk and should not be out. I cannot let my friends, family and others sit by uncared for though.
    My friend was exposed, he lives with his mother who is high risk. He is very worried about her.
    I have some cloth masks that my Aunt made, and I am going to take one to her to modify to hold an activated charcoal insert. She and her son will at least be able to breathe in the same room.
    I am afraid. It's not easy. But there are too many without to be selfish now.
    #fightingthefear #determined #Asthma #highriskcovid19 #Kindness #compassionate

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    week 1: what do I want to improve

    <p>week 1: what do I want to improve</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    You got this #determined

    The person who takes no chances generally has to take whatever is left when others are through choosing. - Napoleon Hill

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    I’m going to fight for me today!

    <p>I’m going to fight for me today!</p>
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    Getting things done! #takingback2019

    Since December 22, our lives have been turned upside down. That night we were at a family gathering, only to come home to find our home wiped clean. All electronics, all Christmas u wrapped and gone. It has been devastating. December 31 we were served papers by our apartment, fighting about my daughter's ESA animal! It's just been like the battering ram of life has been pelting us constantly. But!!

    Every day I fight to get put of bed and moving. I have been using CBD oil to help. But every day I am finishing one room down to carpets shampooed!! Tomorrow I plan on taking down everything that has anything to do with Christmas. Its time for 2018 to go, but I am #determined to #takeback2019 #52SmallThings

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    Lonely but possible!

    Most people will let you down but never mind them. #determined

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