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    Is it possible to be depressed but not sad or upset?

    For a while now I have had No desire to do anything. I have "a good attitude about everything" well that's just fine and dandy. But I have very little desire to eat. I can't wash dishes because my fingertips are even more sensitive when wet so So showers suck Scissors.
    you see I have #Scleroderma #Fibromyalgia #innappropriatesinustachycardia which keeps me from taking certain medicines.I'm on 3 different heart meds, 1 to raise my BP because 2 of them Lower my BP to much. one is for the #RaynaudsDisease , the other for the I.S.T. (which in layman terms is my heart likes to and much prefers to beat at beats of 100 to 130). Example I was in the hospital for this and laying in bed, needed to use the bathroom. Called for the nurse She was walking me to bathroom ( Fall risk) and a different nurse Came running in because my HR was 150.
    Plus #sjogrens #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease
    my body seems to decide how often I can eat. I get nauseous in the am (not prego) But Somestines I dont get hungry till 2 later. I also have 2 boys to keep up with which is hard. I do what I can but it never seems enough in my
    Guess my issues have Subscriptions. started as a question... ended like a partial dump. I have faith and hope in The Lord Jesus Christ. How can you feel lost but still have the best compass around. Thank you for the invite.

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    autoimmune man top salesman in his field

    so i had a disturbing thought last night that if i didn't laugh id cry. (seems that, that's when it happens ) but my thought was one day autoimmune man walked into my family's life and started shaking hands and hugging on ppl. saying hi boy do i have a treat for you! except we didn't really want it but all sales are final with this sly fox. my brother is not diagesting food properly. mom dx with #MicroscopicColitis, my dad has neuropathy, #COPD ... i have #InvisibleIllness #Scleroderma #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Migraines #RaynaudsPhenomenon #innappropriatesinustachycardia to name a few. I'm being tested for neuropathy and a sleep disorder called # peiodiclimbmovementdisorder as it only happens at night...wth fml...