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Please #DistractMeor #Inspiremeor #CheckInWithMe

Today is a sunday but I am very much anxious to finish this big project proposal that is due this week. It is very much research intensive, and requires reading of several scientific journals and collating of vague concepts. With this much overwhelm, I have a tendency to procrastinate but instead of going on other social media apps, I'm here because I know that this community will choose to support me and help me push my way through. Yes, I will be working on it for as long as I can, but I will check on this post every now and then when I take my breaks. I will also interact every now and then. Let's help one another!

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#Inspireme #DistractMe #MentalHealth #Lyrics #Music #Hope

If anyone reading this could use a BIG dose. of INSPIRATION & HOPE, the lyrics to "The Light" by DISTURBED is about how there is light at the end of the tunnel & that when we deal with the pain, ( for example, in therapy, ) All is not lost, rather , there is reason to stay hopeful that good things await.💗this I write from the heart, my lovely Mighty Friends!

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Do you have a job? If so what is it?

I know that managing our conditions is a 24/7 job, but since getting really sick I’ve had to wave goodbye to a career that I built up over a decade. Now I’m looking for a new path. What do you guys do? #Inspireme #Employment #Selfemployment #Work #WhatIsNext

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