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#Employment #Selfemployment #Dyslexia

Having the freedom of self-employment along with access to neurotypicals to lean on - makes all the difference.

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Overcoming Addiction to Stress #Selfemployment #selfcare

Have you tapped your body's lifeforce reserves? Do you feel burned out?

How to practice divergent focus- sense, feel, think less and slow down brainwaves:

Change your brainwave state from beta to alpha, getting rid of the inner critic and syncronizing brain-heart coherence in the here and now.

How much of your intention is on matter v. energy? Take your attention off of matter and go to the field of no-time and no-thing. Move into the present moment of pure consciousness.

The invisible quantum field will connect you to wholeness and oneness and link to bigger and better life experiences. Get beyond yourself and enter pure consciousness.

Trust yourself. Step out of duality. Regain your joy without analyzing. Create from energy instead of matter.

-personal recounts of Joe Dispenza's teachings of the biomagnetic field.

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Do you have a job? If so what is it?

I know that managing our conditions is a 24/7 job, but since getting really sick I’ve had to wave goodbye to a career that I built up over a decade. Now I’m looking for a new path. What do you guys do? #Inspireme #Employment #Selfemployment #Work #WhatIsNext

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Creativity is part of my survival #52SmallThings #creativity #Selfemployment

I have always lived a creative life- I went to art school and have taught writing and dance. (Though being disabled in the dance community is a troubling topic fir another time.)I have always struggled with 9-5 jobs because my multiple chronic illnesses meant lots of absence, etc. I had been unemployed for many years until I started making jewellery again like I used to when I was a teenager. 9 years ago I decided to try to sell some things I made and now it’s the way I provide (modestly) for myself, my partner and three cats. In a way my illness was a blessing as it forced me to think unconventionally about survival and using my creative skills to live.


Advice for going freelance?

So I’ve been unemployed for nearly 3 years now because of my mental health and would LOVE to become a freelance photographer. Photography is a huge passion of mine and not knowing how to go about it is causing a lot of stress on top of everything else! Would love some advice or places to go for help (sites etc) #Employment #Selfemployment #AnxietyDisorders


#goals & #Gratitude

Hi all,

I'm just now seeing this group/topic.

My goals for this year are to get a new #job, #Workout and #meditate more.

I feel like I "failed" in the past when I forced myself to do BIG workouts more than I could handle, as I have a #Physicaldisability and some activities are more taxing than others. I am going to do #Smallthings more, as a celebration of what I CAN do.

I want to #meditate  more so I can be a more grounded person, and try not to react from a negative space.

I am looking for employment locally, as #Selfemployment has not reached the level of financial independence I had hoped for at this point after graduating from college.