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Sorry I didn't post. The days got away from me. Trying to catch up on homework.

"picture description: Some days I need the music and some days I need the Lyrics " #Lyrics #poems #Music

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The Songs That Help Me Feel My Feelings

Actually feeling my feelings seems like a monumental struggle for me sometimes. This is especially true when I'm less anxious and more depressed. I was hanging out, listening to my playlist and started to pick out the songs with lyrics that help me break through the apathy of depression. All these songs mirror depression to me, though a few are upbeat. I've written down the titles and a few of the lyrics that stick out to me.

I'm interested to find out if anyone else has "feeling my feelings" songs. If so, which ones would you list?

My List:

“Cry Your Heart Out” - Adele

When will I begin to feel like me again?/I'm hanging by a thread/My skin's paper thin, I can't stop wavering/I've never been more scared

Cry your heart out/It'll clean your face/When you're in doubt/Go at your own pace

“Pressure” - Encanto (Jessica Darrow)

Under the surface/I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service/A flaw or a crack, the straw in the stack/That breaks the camel's back

“Inside Out” - Sara Bareilles

I am small/I feel like no more than nothing at all/But when I lose sight of daylight/And my darkness falls/I'll be strong

“The Next Right Thing” - Frozen 2

I've seen dark before/But not like this/This is cold/This is empty/This is numb

“She Used to Be Mine” - Waitress the Musical (Sara Bareilles)

It's not what I asked for/Sometimes life just slips in through a back door/And carves out a person/And makes you believe it's all true

#Music #Depression #Anxiety #Lyrics

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Following Music/Artist recommendations

I love this
'Stop giving CPR to dead situations'

This is poetic!

This lyric will definitely resonate with more than a few Mighties here.

I guess you could intepret it as just let it be, let it go, it's not worth the effort, you tried, it's not redeemable.

#DistractMe #Distractmewithlyrics #distractmewithmusic #quoteoftheday #Lyrics #Rap

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Fast & Heavy #Music #Lyrics #Song

This is a song I wrote about the experience of #Depression , #nightterrors , #Anxiety , #PanicAttacks and all the other wonderful benefits of being a very real thing in a very false world.

Fast And Heavy
by Band Of Three

A siren’s panic wail
I stare out the window.
Headlight shadow fear come stealing.

Race down the hallway
And out the front door
Feet are bare, feet are pumping...

Fast and heavy, I’m helpless to control it.
But my hands are steady
And as cold as the night when you stole it.

Down the hole again.
Walls closing in.
Up is down, I’m reeling, reeling.

Tangled and spun
But what’s done is done.
I am become, lord I’m falling, falling...

Fast and heavy, I’m helpless to control it.
But my hands are steady
And as cold as the night when you stole it.

Down this hole again.
Hole’s got no end.
Only sound is breathing, breathing...

Tangled and spun
But what’s done is done.
The hurt sets in, bleeding, bleeding…

Fast and heavy, I’m helpless to control it.
But my hands are steady
And as cold as the night when you stole it.

Music by Jean Audette, Troy Mira
Lyrics by Troy Mira

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#inspirational #Lyrics #rock #kickass #Song #Music (This link to YouTube song). .....
I just recently heard it & I listen to it over & over!! It's about finding. #strength 💪#Hope 🙏 #Determination#resiliance 👌.... goes .....🎶"Cuz we Don't Stop.!!....No we Don't Stop..!!!., Keep on digging deep keep digging deep, keep digging deep , keep Digging DEEP, KEEP DIGGING!!!!"🎶🎶🎶🎶........

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#nervousbreakdown #DelusionalDisorder #untreated #Fear #Paranoia

Anyone here have a real nervous breakdown? I had one at age 19. They run in my family. #heredity #Psychosis #psychotic #insane #insanity
I have said that "once you go thru that door (of having had a N.B.,), you never quite come out.
Here's a #Song the #Lyrics describe what I mean & a little of what it was like.
"Came Back Haunted" by NIN