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Loneliness in my suffering.

I am very alone in the misery I experience due to #Fibromyalgia, #chronic fatigue, #Migraines, #interstitial cystitis and #IBS . I don’t have family that I am close enough with to talk openly about my feelings or experiences with my conditions. The wife of my husband’s friend was recently diagnosed with fibro after recovering from cervical cancer. We are acquainted, but are not particularly close. However, I decided to reach out to her in hopes of gaining a closer friendship due to our shared diagnosis. It has unfortunately proven to be a useless attempt. She only politely responded to my first text and then ignored the second text I sent. I have a few friendly acquaintances, but not any real friends that I can openly be myself with and feel support from. I feel very alone. I would love to connect with others who understand.


Anxiety is killing me. Cant take these illnesses anymore.

#MentalHealth #Borderline Personality Disorder #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #interstitial Cystitis
I feel so 😨Scared . I'm in middle of panic attack and taken extra 5mg of Valium.
I hate that when I stand up, I get light headed well my head feels like a dead weight.
I'm mostly laying prone in bed from the interstitial cystitis as I Cant sit up as I start stinging /burning then Cant get rid of it
With this I have to avoid a whole variety of foods so I DREAD Food .
The only piece I get is when I'm asleep. When I wake for the first few minutes I know this is the best I'm gonna feel all day. I think.. Oh god.... Not another day!
My elbows really hurt holding up my phone to type and take pain killers 4 times a day.
My Roots need tinting, with blonde hair it looks 💩with dark roots!! I Cant even wash my own hair.
I pulled somethin in my left shoulder months ago which was COMPLETE AGONY couldn't use the arm at all. Now I can but i had am MRI
But No one has told me what's wrong,
got a cortisone 💉injection from my G.P. I SCREAMED! them had panic attack and floods of 😭tears afterwards.

I have social anxiety but I actually managed to go out into Dublin city 🛍️shopping &got much needed 👛Purse and Trainers. First time this year! Have to sit on cushion in Jeep on Right Cheek. Its flipping Hell. Its ruining my life.

I, like millions was watching the NEWS about the Virus. Now its come to the point where I'm actually scared! At my age! (In my 40's)! I know its 🙃silly but I have traits of OCD and I'm not well enough to clean the flat.
My partner does that, but does only the basic like washing dishes, which he absolutley hates, and washes the work tops, cooker, &floor.
He'd sit with Dirty plates in sink for days which makes me feel sick.
I did manage to wipe door handles with anti bacterial wipes and 🚽 but that didn't even occur to him. When he brings shopping home I'm scared in case I'll get the virus off of something....... There must be millions like me
Frightened to touch anything.
The internet wont work on my Laptop in last few weeks which causes anxiety as I use it in bed.
I have my earphones plugged into it and watch Tv for distraction &used Bluetooth 🖱️mouse at now I'm using a tablet and its stressing me out

I think my anxiety has gotten out of control
Is there anyone out there who feels the same
🙏Please tell me there is

I feel so trapped and Alone & Tearful.

Now the whole 🌎world is going into Recession I Cant take anymore 😢
Every day the numbers are rising, this pandemic is like we're living in a nightmare

Please Forgive me 🙏for going on. I didn't mean to but I have no friends, no one in my life apart from my partner. No one.
But he wont understand the way you all will.
Thank you for Reading my Post.

I've never posted one before. I've replied to lots of posts but never done one myself. I'm scared I'll get no replies

Hey Ho

Bye x


How to deal with bladder pain? #Fibromyalgia #interstitial cystitis

Last year I had laproscipic surgery for endometriosis. Ever since then, my bladder has hurt. My urgency and accidents that were supposed to be solved by the surgery are much worse. no signs of current bladder infection. I also have an old injury to my SI joint that requires wearing an SI belt to help it heal. My hip and lower back feel better when I wear the belt, but it puts pressure on my bladder and makes it ache so badly that I can only wear the belt for a short time. HALP. What do I do next? I'm about wore out from the constant pain. Thank you.


Does anyone has #Scleroderma ? I have Scleroderma but not showing signs of skin involvement? Has anyone else experienced this?

I also have been diagnose with #raynaud 's #interstitial lung disease #Fibromyalgia and a bunch of other things as well. I'm just looking for some good people that actually understands what it's like.