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Of All the Stupid Things

I know about PTSD my ex has it. I thought I was just having anxiety attacks until last Sunday. On the way home from visiting a family member (a 2 hr trip one-way in a very old car) my car radio started with a warning of a tornado in the area I was driving. On a major highway it starts raining really hard then ice and strong winds. This is nothing new for the Florida state it rains so hard you can't see the car in front. We all put our flashers on continued driving went into the eye then back into the outer bands of the tornado it was terrifying. I was shaking so when I got home I went straight to bed. I hate driving in the rain before this. It seems when I was a child I was in two car accidents with my parents and it was raining. I wasn't driving but I experienced it. Then when I moved to Florida I was in a very bad accident. I was helping in a pre-existing accident during a rainstorm. Car number one had thought she had pulled off of the highway when she was actually in the right lane The car behind her which was the car in front of me....all of a sudden the car in front of me the lights were gone in like a flick of a switch. I immediately yanked my wheel to the left just missed her by milliseconds went into the medin. Everything was in slow motion wheels car parts rolling around steam coming up from car engines people screaming. I ran to the first car the woman had no idea what was going on I told her to shut her car off and put her flashers on asked if she was okay she said yes. I went to the car that hit her which was the car in front of me and it was too young girls. They were both hurt. I was tending to the one in the driver's seat A young man came over I asked if he had a belt on and we put a tourniquet on the driver's leg. I didn't see her passenger right away she kept asking where is so and so. I remember going to that side of the car looking for the girl and then realizing that the young girl was face planted into the dashboard. By this time people had stopped. A woman tapped me on the shoulder and said I'll take care of this girl You go help the driver and I looked at her and she said I'm a nurse We just left the hospital my husband is over there he's calling for the ambulances. I remember walking around the front of the car and that's the last thing I remember except seeing bright lights and somebody yelling run run she's not going to stop. There was a car coming over the hill the woman was drunk and she wound up hitting the girls in the car again and me. I was told I went 20 ft into the air I landed in a ditch. I woke up I didn't have my shoes on or my socks I didn't I know where I was but I couldn't get up I kept trying I was terrified I was going to get eaten by an alligator. Would you believe I didn't have one broken bone I was covered in road rash though. So while I survived that and the home that I currently live in now has flooded every year. I never realized the connection between heavy rain and wind and PTSD with me until I drove through a tornado. It was an EF0 It did tear up mobile homes but it explains so much why I panic every time it starts raining hard. Most of my meditation tapes have water in them most of them I can't listen to. Like I say of all the stupid things to have PTSD too heavy rain. And I just found this out this week. #ADHD #Anxiety
# angioedema hives idiopathic# hiatal hernia #Pleurisy #raynaud syndrome #Shingles left eye #Shoulder bilateral impingement system #unstable lumbar spine #Bastrop syndrome #bone spurs #Cataracts #COPD #Costochondritis
# Fibromyalgia #Osteopenia #Osteoarthritis #Peripheral neuropathy #kyphosis # gerd# ptsd

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Light at the end of tunnel is a train.

Just when I thought I was getting some answers & help regarding my spine issues and my hands being swollen. All this crazy stuff with me difficulty getting doctor appointments. My new primary doctor sent me for blood work and I have some not great results. It seems my bun-creatine ratio is High+ MCHC is Low ( signs of anemia) Carbon Dioxide in blood is High- there was slight blood in urine but also noted Rare Hyaline cast in urine (indicator of kidney disease). I think I want to throw up I don't know whether I want to cry or scream in frustration and anger. Still waiting to see the rheumatologist about my swollen hands knuckles leg foot. Finish up with my nerve ablations in my lower spine. And now this. I'm sensing (feeling a panic pulse) a medical tsunami and I'm just waiting to get hit.
#chronic pain
#Costa chondritis
#idiopathic Angioedema hives
#Baastrop syndrome
#rheumatoid Arthritis
#Peripheral Neuropathy
#raynaud 's syndrome
#spinal stenosis
#Bilateral impingement syndrome
#Pleurisy W/D
#Shingles in the left eye


That moment when your hands are warm finally. Wow that's how "normal" people feel. Lol .. But my feet are cold as ice
#raynaud #RaynaudsPhenomenon  -.-

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Hi all #ME/CFS and #Chronically ill Warriors. I have a question about other # severely ill #post-menopausal women. I have daily fevers, sweat issues.

I have been ill with #ME CFS, #Fibromyalgia, #raynaud's Syndrome, #Osteoarthritis, #Diabetes type *1.5 due to 5 yrs misdiagnosed pancreatitis now I have pancreatic insufficiency, C-PTSD, depression and anxiety, Post concussion, fractured hand, etc from horrible car accident hit by a drunk driver (.215 bld alc), 2 months after my dad died. My grief is all over the place and I also grieve my loss of a working body to take care of my lovely 3 teenagers. In 2013, I made the decision to have my last ovary removed due to endometriosis. I took hormones for a while but I think I stopped because of side effects. Fast forward to now, I am now severely ill, dealing with at least 2 prolapses, fevers nightly and horrendous profuse sweating when I sleep. I hate this and I wake up often during sleep. I need guidance from women who are knowledgeable and have suggestions to help me please. I understand that any suggestions are not medical advice, and will discuss anything that I find interesting with my internal medicine doctor before trying. Thank you, God bless you all! Good morning/my goodnight too! 💙😴✌️


Does anyone has #Scleroderma ? I have Scleroderma but not showing signs of skin involvement? Has anyone else experienced this?

I also have been diagnose with #raynaud 's #interstitial lung disease #Fibromyalgia and a bunch of other things as well. I'm just looking for some good people that actually understands what it's like.