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New here #lookingforanswers

Hi I am new here. You can call me Bird for short. I have multiple chronic illnesses and am a childhood trauma survivor. It’s all too much to list in an introductory post but they include #heart , #Neurological , #gastrointestinal , #vision disorders and more. I have been through 2 longish term relationships, one was an engagement, but I don’t know how to have/ find a healthy one because men have to get past/ not take advantage of my illnesses ( I am a 40ish f that just appears a little younger but I feel like I’ve missed out on everything I should have done by this time because I’ve been sick at home most of the last 10+ years) how do I find someone who understands? Even friends? When I can’t drive… If anyone can relate and has figured this out please let me know. #lookingforfriends #lookingfornormal



I have lost all my friends due to either Covid-19 or they were friends with my ex husband. I have a wonderful boyfriend now. But my ex couldn’t handle me dating so he promised to ruin me and take away my kids. Well he did it. I lost everything. Then I found out I had lupus and I wasn’t crazy. Now I want to get my kids back but I’m not all the way back on my feet yet. So I’m waiting. I know it’s the right thing to do for me to get better and have a normal life. But nothing over the last year has been normal. How do I deal?


Anyone lonely looking for friends? (Also online friends welcome😍)

Hey! I feel very lonely and still do not have the courage to be open to people I just met about my condition, I feel like that’s something we all share here (we know that we’re struggling). I would also love to be able of creating some friendships with people a bit similar to me. I love music, techno, raves, nature, arts in general, mary jane, loyalty, anything property/housing related, dreaming a lot... I’m a mess writing these kind of things😅 Mainly looking to surround myself with people who also want me in their lives and are open to speak about anything. I need love and reassurance. Please, be open with me and I’ll give you the same in return. I’m just very shy and moved by my insecurities and emocional disregulations which make me sometimes act in an unwanted way and feel horrible about it later. I hope you can relate.❤️ #Nofriends #lonely #lookingforfriends #Hope #SocialAnxiety #Relationshipissues #Love #Friends #friendships #Music #Arts #loyalty


Loneliness in my suffering.

I am very alone in the misery I experience due to #Fibromyalgia, #chronic fatigue, #Migraines, #interstitial cystitis and #IBS . I don’t have family that I am close enough with to talk openly about my feelings or experiences with my conditions. The wife of my husband’s friend was recently diagnosed with fibro after recovering from cervical cancer. We are acquainted, but are not particularly close. However, I decided to reach out to her in hopes of gaining a closer friendship due to our shared diagnosis. It has unfortunately proven to be a useless attempt. She only politely responded to my first text and then ignored the second text I sent. I have a few friendly acquaintances, but not any real friends that I can openly be myself with and feel support from. I feel very alone. I would love to connect with others who understand.


I’m looking for friends... Maybe more. #lookingforfriends

I’m so tired of being alone. I don’t know how much more I can take. I’ve been single for nearly four years now. I’m 25, lesbian and from England. I’m an avid reader, a geek, a film buff and a hopeless romantic.

#lookingforfriends #lonely #chronicillnesswarrior #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis