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Does anyone know how to heal a poor iv site?

I got yet another test done recently and the nurse did a terrible job on my iv and I now have a huge bruise from it. Does anyone have ideas on how to help it go away? It looks truly terrible. #IV #Gastritis #ChronicIllness #bruising

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I Finished #IV Vancomyacin!

Holy cow. You guys.

Today was my last IV vancomycin!
I can’t say it will be my last dose forever ( because knowing my life it will most likely happen again.) I delivered some donuts to the nurses ( cause honestly we don’t say “thank you” enough in this world, and nurses are probably the least thanked people on earth!) And I can’t tell you how grateful I am to go home without an IV in my hand.

And NEXT WEEEK I CAN SLEEP IN ! ( o my gosh they realization just hit me and I did a mini happy dance 😂) Ending this dose of IVs is weird .

Cause this medication, came with a “high dose “ of realizing that I’m sick.

Really sick.

The part that’s been hardest for me today. Is that I feel like I’m getting a cold.
I can feel my Lungs slowly going backwards.
( don’t worry I sent my Immunologist a message)
I’ve tried to do more “normal “
Things today. And I litteraly just had to sit in the kitchen. Cause I just had a weird wheezing attack trying to make a sandwich .

But when a family member said I was “ Fragile “ today.

I took it as fighting words.

Because I don’t see myself as fragile.

But I am.

I’ve been wearing mask in public ( wore them in 2 stores in my home town today which is HUGE for me )

And was met with nothing but Kindess.

But I still cringe everytime I put the mask on.

Because it makes me “look like I’m sick “

My “favorite part “ of my illness. Is that it’s invisible. That I can hide it.

But I have a feeling. That my illness is going to become harder to hide as my life goes on.

And I have to learn to be ok with that.
Which is harder than I can even describe.

But today, I’ll take the Victory.
That for a while I’ll be IV free.

I’ll soak in the bath, with no reprocussions.

And I’ll celebrate today ❤️
No matter what tomorrow may bring .


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How do you get your doctor to order IV saline as a part of treatment. #IV saline #POTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Dysautonomia

I would like to try IV saline for my pots. I have tried all of the usual suspects drink water, eat salt, exercise protocols, med abc, med xyz, raising the bed you name it we’ve done it. I am ready for some relief and i’ve heard good things about IV saline and I want to try it however I am not sure how my doctor will feel about it. How do you get my doctor to let me at least try it? Has anyone tried IV saline?