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Braces, Wraps, and Physical Supports - Any Recommendations?

Recently on the recommendation of a friend I got a pair of Mueller thumb stabilizers to wear while driving so that the wheel doesn't torque my thumbs out of their sockets due to my joint hypermobility syndrome. They have made a world of difference!

Now I am thinking a lot about other means of achieving a sense of physical stability using external aids. I realized today that I have been unconsciously using things like shapewear to help mitigate the constant feeling that my body is coming apart at the seams, and back when I was still dressing up to go out I often wore corsets because they made my back feel supported. (My grandmother wore a back brace for all the years I knew her, which makes me wonder if I inherited this condition from her.)

I'm wondering if anyone else is using things like shapewear, compression wear, weighted blankets, wraps, splints, stabilizers, braces, or other physical items on a daily basis to get that feeling of stability and holding your body together, and if so, what do you recommend? #Hypermobility #JHS #joints #Support #stability