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Very intense neck pain

#Undiagnosed #neck #OccipitalNeuralgia ?

I’m hoping someone has experienced this and can give me some insight; my doctor can’t figure it out.

I have recurring, intermittent pain just behind and below my left ear, at the side of my neck and just above jawline; usually in place but sometimes I can feel it radiate down my neck and into the top of my shoulder a little as well. The pain is incredibly intense, like a pulsing sun exploding over and over in the same place, in 1-2 second intervals.

Sometimes it lasts for five seconds, sometimes for hours. No known triggers or consistency. No pain inside the ear at all and no apparent physical markings.


A NECK MASSAGER: A good investment for my migraines #FamilialHemiplegicMigraine #migriane #ChronicPain #neck pain #headpain

I got a neck massager for my migraines a few years back and can’t live without it! It has been helpful in relieving some pain when i am having an attack. For some of my throbbing head feel like exploding attacks on one side, i put on salon pas and use the neck massager in combination and works wonder for me. What works for me may not work for you. As i am not a doctor but just like to share anyway just in case it might help someone out there one day. :)


#ChronicPain #Remedies #Natural #tennisballs

I just discovered tennis balls for my #neck , #back p****, and my crack, and I think I just unlocked a whole new character.


Has anyone tried the Y strap at the chiropractor?

I'm desperately looking for an alternative to surgery. It's dangerous, My physical appearance will be altered, The doctor said There's a possibility I could eat out of a tube for a few months, and I won'won't that much less pain anyway. He told to me to really take my time thinking about this and explore all other options. I know about massage and acupuncture. If my Insurance would only authorize them, I could afford them. Right now, no. Has anyone ever heard of the Y strap? It looks really dangerous, but if you get a good doctor It can help a lot of cervical and spine issues from what I hear.
You lay down on a table, The doctor puts a black strap around your chin and neck, then pulls hard and fast. They massage with a special mach, and does a few other straightening adjustment. It sounds scary and looks scary. That's why I'm asking. Than you!
#cervical Kyphosis #cervical #neck #CervicalSpondylosis #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Chiropractor